US Capitol security officials warn of a possible attack

Security officials at the Washington Capitol have warned about a possible attack. The officials have asked for additional marines to prevent such occurrences. 

Possible attack on Capitol imminent - security

Security has been increased around the parameters of the Capitol due to rumors of possible militia attacks. Intelligence reports said that a group of armed militia was aiming to attack the Capitol very soon. The suspected militia QAnon believes former US President Donald Trump will get back to power. 

The house lawmakers suspended the plenary session on Thursday, however, the senate continued its functions. This was because of the event in January where a mob supporting the ex-President stormed the Capitol when lawmakers were present to decide Mr. Joe Biden's election success.

However, Mr. Donald Trump has denied ever losing the election, saying he was rigged out. The January protest claimed five lives which included a security officer who was stationed at the Capitol. The violent demonstration questioned the claim about US democracy. 

More security needed at the Capitol 

Also, the chief security officer in charge of security at the Capitol resigned. On Thursday, the Capitol security and asked the Defense for an additional national guard for better protection for another three months. About 6,000 were sent to the Capitol and will leave by March 13. A security source has said due to the complexity of the matter, the request may likely be granted. The report which was classified had claimed that a militia group loyal to Mr. Trump believes that the ex-president will come back on the 4th of March. 

Everyone has been cordoned off the area except lawmakers. Some citizens have been skeptical about the validity of the report as security at the Capitol will make it difficult for any breach. Mr. Trump has refused to congratulate President Biden saying he doesn't merit such a gesture.