Germany finally approves Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for elderly citizens

The German health commission has finally approved the Oxford vaccine for aged 65 and above. This comes months after they stopped elderly people from getting administered the vaccine. 

German authorities approve AstraZeneca for everyone 

The German health commission has given the approval for the administration of the Oxford doses in citizens above 65 years. Last year, Germany only allowed the jab for citizens below 65 years saying there weren't any content reasons to show it offers good protection for aged citizens. 

This has made many citizens question the effectiveness of the general population. Some Germans have even said they aren't taking the jab saying, it isn't as potent as speculated. However, the German government headed by Angela Merkel says there is new research that has supported the decision to approve the jab worldwide. 

Health Minister Jens Spahn announced on Thursday evening that all adults can now get the vaccine.

'' It is with joy that we announce that using the Oxford vaccine for all adults is now possible. We have also seen that getting both doses a few weeks apart strengthens the immune system against the virus.''

Using both doses gives better protection - Chancellor Merkel 

The minister also said that the health policies will be updated as soon as new information comes. Chancellor Merkel said that the country will space the interval between given the two doses. On Monday France who also didn't allow its elderly from 70 and above to be administered with the vaccine had a change of policy after health officials said it is now ascertained of its efficacy.

Also, last month the Belgium government finally embraced the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for everyone. Brussels has mandated that its citizens should come out to be vaccinated. Only 6% of the German population has been vaccinated to date. Skepticism arises when western nations say that there wasn't good information about giving aged people the jab.