European Union mandates employees to disclose staff wages to help reduce gender gap pay

The European Union wants all firms to be more open about their staff salaries. This is because it wants the gap closed between gender. 

EU wants more transparency from companies over gender pay

The EU wants all employees to be more transparent about the salaries of their workers to make it easy for women to earn as much as the male counterpart. Though gender salary across the 27-country bloc has reduced to 13% for people in the same or similar jobs, the European Union is working hard to remove wage disparity by making policies that will mandate all wages to be made public. 

The EU president, Ursula Von Der Leyen has said 'to get equal pay, employees need to be transparent. Since the birth of the union in 1957, the EU has fought to end gender sentiments in any form and promote unified gender salaries. However, there are still some visible gender biases like pension, working conditions, and hours of work. As of today, the gap still stands at 32%. 

Some firms remain skeptical due to privacy issues 

This policy is going to be a little complicated as wage issues have always been a secret affair that has enhanced gender equality in the region. Also, many firms have refused to close the gap and many have a non-caring attitude to the issue. Deputy President of the Union Vera Jourova said stronger measures are needed to make this come fruitful. 

She said that the commission has done well to close the gap in the last decade. The EU has said this policy will make it compulsory for big firms with more than 200 staff to publish the disparity of wages among genders. Critics of this bill have said, this policy will breach the secrecy that firms have over their operations and open them to more scrutiny.

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