Women Of the Bible

Sarah – She Did What Was Good & Did Not Give Way to Fear

I’ve been thinking though, recently, about Sarah, Abraham’s wife.  God seems to have put her on my heart for a few months now, and I’ve been quietly studying her words, reactions, as well as what other people had to say about her across the Bible.  I didn’t know it, but she is actually the most mentioned woman character in the Bible – even more so than Mary, the mother of Jesus!  I had no idea she was so important.  And it’s been odd how often she has come to my mind in these past few months, along with parts of her story, and always her actions or reactions.  It’s been weird I’ll say that much.  What makes her so interesting to me?  It’s the way she obeyed her husband without fear, and is honored repeatedly for it in God’s Word… (CONTINUE READING)


Abigail – The Scandalous Wife (PART 2)

This study of David, Nabal, and Abigail has been truly enlightening for me.  Having studied it a few times before, I thought I had a decent grasp on the story, but it’s been particularly interesting looking into the hearts of David and Nabal, where they were at emotionally and spiritually in the way they spoke to each other, and the ramifications of giving in to folly that this lesson teaches us.

And now we will look at the second part of the story, the part where Abigail steps in, and in her wisdom and insight, giving the longest speech by a woman ever recorded in the Bible, is able to help both of these men from the fates of foolishness. 1 Samuel 25:12… (CONTINUE READING)


Abigail – The Heart of the Matter (PART 1)

[This was a 2-part series on discovering who Abigail really was and how she should be viewed in light of submission.  Her story is important if you’re wanting to see how a Christian wife should respond to a foolish husband who is living against God (maybe even an unbeliever).]

… I’ve seen many conflicting interpretations when researching it this past week; quite a few say that Abigail is the prime example of a wife that was unsubmissive and disrespectful to her husband, therefore giving us the perfect example of cases in which the wife isn’t to submit.  Here is an excerpt from a woman’s blog that promotes this idea,… (CONTINUE READING)