A Pair of Red Booties


I’m so proud of myself – I hardly ever buy shoes, bags, or clothes, but when I do, they are almost always on sale.  I wait, like a stealth panther or cheetah for the perfect price – or I just happen to be insanely lucky, which is what happened while on another outing to Target a couple of weeks ago.  We were just browsing and killing time as a family, getting Christmas ideas and wandering the aisles, when beautiful suede booties popped out at me.

You heard the story about the Manolo Boots and my husband… (CONTINUE READING)


Long Hair vs Short Hair From a Male Perspective


 One of the fun things of watching the Oscars with a male who isn’t afraid to voice his opinions, is getting what some men truly think of when it comes to women’s looks.  It’s obvious that looks and beauty fade, but it is quite amazing to see how people age differently, and what things contribute to (or take away from) their attractiveness as they age.  Hands down the most noticeable factors were their hairstyles, and their makeup.

A woman’s hair is her greatest accessory.  One of the most basic things my father taught me, and something the beauty industry has capitalized on for years now.  Even biblically, a woman’s hair is said to be “her glory.”  (CONTINUE READING)

Z Gallerie: Art & Style


I recently visited Z Gallerie with my son to capture the look and feel of the inspiration one can get there.  Ever since they opened one in our city (and amazingly, at our favorite out door mall) it’s been wonderful to pop in once in a while to see what they have.  My son has been going there with me ever since he was an infant, and he’s never been problematic in a store surrounded by glass and breakable expensive things.  He does, however, at times try to pull me out and scream “Mommy stop taking pictures!”

It takes on a whole new meaning now when I think of taking “action shots”… (CONTINUE READING)


The Real Woman Behind the Devil Wears Prada

Before the movie The Devil Wears Prada with the demanding and terrifying Miranda, there was Dianna Vreeland.  She was (and in many ways still is) iconic in the fashion world.  The Vogue editor’s grandson, Alexander Vreeland, complied a 300+ page of notes written by Vreeland during the time she was at Vogue – it was released this last October.

I honestly cannot even express how much this single woman in fashion history has inspired me throughout the years.  I want to share with you, Readers, the intimate sayings and famous quotations of a quite wonderful, fascinating lady.  On history, literature, fashion, and even Queen Elizabeth I… I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the things she has to say about the world… (CONTINUE READING)



Dress to Impress

I love dresses.  I absolutely, hands down, LOVE them!  Nothing makes me feel more empowered or beautiful as a woman than wearing a dress that is well-cut & flattering.  Pants are my loves too, but to feel so feminine?  A dress is the best!

So… recently, a bunch of things just went on sale from an especially awesome, totally sexy store… this sale ONLY happens twice a year…. drum roll….. (CONTINUE READING)



The bug trend is still quite hot (and expensive).  Apparently they are alluring, as they appear in January’s issue of Allure magazine (pg 37).  I feel like that person that finds something unique… original (or so they hope), and then quickly finds out that the rest of the world has caught on… (CONTINUE READING)



A Bug’s Life

It seems that butterflies, bees, dragonflies & ladybugs are all en vogue recently, and I mean literally found in Italy’s November Vogue Issue.  I took some shots of the magazine while we were playing in our favorite bookstore, check out the accessories department… (CONTINUE READING)_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Money Doesn’t Buy Elegance

We were out with friends for a birthday dinner a few weeks ago, and one of our beautiful friend’s was wearing an alluring scarf.  The color set off her dark eyes, and sparkled along with her personality throughout the dinner.  The scarf was a presence itself – at least, to a person like me.

It made me remember, which I’m ashamed to admit… (CONTINUE READING)


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