Muses: Women Who Inspire

france2 Half Chinese, Half French, Mimi Thorisson is An Amazing Woman: A Kitchen in France – A Year of Cooking in My Farmhouse  (read whole article)




Natalie Grant is just such a beautiful woman, inside and out.  I was worried when I read that something happened at the Grammy’s to make her walk out early – the news seemed to make it into some kind of scandal.  After reading this article, my admiration for her grew immensely.  She was disturbed by what she saw in the performances… (CONTINUE READING)


 Being a Muse

Women who were the muses throughout the ages inspired men to create things of beauty; poetry, songs, plays, paintings, sculptures, and even books have been credited to the mystery and beauty that a woman can impart to an artist’s dry soul… (CONTINUE READING)


One thought on “Muses: Women Who Inspire

  1. Was very much moved by a post you had made and thus made my way here to your blog.
    It said that I could leave my email so as to send you comment asking for email- thank you

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