Raising Masculine Sons


We just had possibly the best first day of Spring Break we’ve ever had as a family yesterday!¬† ūüėÄ


The beauty of spring is in full swing now here in Texas, and having our oldest home this week is exciting to me as I think of all the things we’ll be able to go and do!¬† But… staying in our own backyard is truly such a wonderful feeling of peaceful satisfaction.

And yesterday, that’s just what we did ūüėÄ


In the early morning, I was able to do some gardening before it got to 90 degrees (yes!  In MARCH!!! :D).  And while I was digging and planting, my husband was teaching the boys some woodwork skills.


Yes, that’s a 3 year old using a handsaw!!!!¬† My husband loves using opportunities like that to teach them, and I’m so grateful… because you know I’d NEVER use a handsaw unless my life depended on it LOL!¬† Much less be able to actually teach our sons those skills ūüôā


The reason why I don’t do any posts on “Things I Want My Sons to Know” is because although I have a lot of influence over them in understanding femininity, I can’t teach them how to be men.¬† I could never “raise masculine boys” without the constant help and wisdom of my husband.



It’s been beautiful to watch his relationship with our older son, the way he’s diligently taught him throughout the years and given him a sense of confidence in his little masculine self ‚̧ !!



Reflecting on these pictures this morning, I realized how far we’ve come from that first year with our dal.¬† Back in 2015 when we first got him and our oldest was only 5, he had a very hard time being confident and dominant enough in his personality that the dog refused to submit to him at all!¬† I wrote in detail back then here, how my husband’s guidance and fatherly instructions is what was raising our son to be far more masculine than I could ever manage on my own.¬†¬†


Here’s an excerpt from 3 years ago:

My husband takes control

My husband then came into the kitchen, I explained our walk and situation… he immediately took over control and began explaining to our son frame control, and having firm authority in establishing respect with the dog.

He took over and disciplined our son for acting fearful by making him stay with puppy, even forcing him to go outside with it. My husband stayed outside with our son, explaining to him what he needed to do in order to control his fear with the dog and show dominance.

It was so incredibly reassuring and relieving to feel the weight of control and discipline shift from my mommy-role shoulders, onto my capable husband’s.  A father’s unique masculinity and fortitude are so desperately needed as parenting is a million times easier with his strength and presence taking over to instruct or demonstrate.  I watched as he stayed outside a little longer with our son and the dog, teaching how to demonstrate dominant assertiveness, so thankful for his aptitude as a father and husband.  He then came inside saying that he wanted him to play with the dog outside alone for awhile.

Our son played for a good 15 minutes with the puppy, and then ran excitedly to the door and told us that he and his dog were having lots of fun together playing.  This was a dramatic difference from when he’d be outside alone with the dog before my husband had time to teach him confidence and authority.  Before, when he’d be outside letting the dog go potty, he would immediately run to the nearest chair or higher surface in order to escape any potential play-biting or jumping of the puppy.  Him being confident with the puppy and playing with him outside for a steady 15 minutes was a breakthrough!

When it was time to eat lunch, he came back inside¬†and my husband had our son watch a few short videos of the¬†Dog Whisperer¬†explaining masculine dominance and calm authority in different scenarios with difficult dogs. ¬†It led into an interesting discussion the two of them had where my¬†husband explained leadership, and¬†asked our son¬†who is in charge of our family. ¬†Our son undoubtedly answered that it was him. ¬†And my husband asked him why he thought that was? ¬†‚ÄúBecause you‚Äôre in charge.‚Ä̬† My husband¬†then explained what it meant to ‚Äúbe in charge,‚ÄĚ what that looked like in different situations or even environments with different kinds of people. ¬†He explained why our son could¬†sense¬†that his father was in charge of our family….

My husband explained how even without violence or force you can establish yourself as a leader in any given situation. ¬†He described¬†how he is assertive in our family ‚Äď he simply employs a feeling of authority in his manner, body language, and voice. ¬†He used the example of how he has managed to¬†show our extremely stubborn and at times rebellious cats, who‚Äôs in charge. ¬†They obey him simply by his commanding voice ‚Ästand its¬†no small feat to get a cat to listen to you and obey you. ¬†He doesn‚Äôt use violence or brute force, however, his voice alone has the strength and authority that makes them feel like they have to obey.¬† (From here)



Now it’s so different!¬† They can go outside and run and play soccer (our dalmatian is WICKED GOOD at playing soccer, which is funny, because he looks like a soccer ball himself!).¬† They are becoming admirable little men because of my husband’s leadership in guiding them in that way.

Enjoy your Spring fellow bloggers and readers!  I am SO EXCITED about the sunlight, gardening, and playing in the sand and with our athletic dal!

I hope y’all have a wonderful Spring Break as well ūüôā







We’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather for a couple of months now since our “Spring” starts so early. ¬†Each year it mesmerizes me with how beautiful Texas is in the Spring. ¬†There’s something about the sunlight hitting the newly green grass or leaves and delicate flowers with a backdrop of the most gorgeous blue sky you can imagine that is just too much!

It’s like the weather itself radiates¬†happiness and joy ‚̧








Our oldest found a rock with circles cut out like eyes from a skull LOL!! ¬†Our boys could seriously be comedians… ūüėÄ


St. Patrick’s Day craft making green peeps into little Irish men. ¬†It was so fun!






Our green Riverwalk dyed for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.









We let our oldest start taking care of some strawberry plants, it’s been fun watching them grow and produce fruit. ¬†Just need to figure out some netting to keep the birds and squirrels away lol! ¬†We recently found one with a bite taken out of it!



This was the first strawberry it produced! ¬†Our son ate it and although he “hated” strawberries before (yet still wanted the plants?? lol) he’s now decided he LOVES them! ¬†(Sneaky parenting 101)



Sometimes our oldest reads bedtime stories to his little brother. ¬†These are honestly the moments that you live for as a parent. ¬†Just. So. Sweet. ¬†‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧


New kitten adventures.





Couples That Play Together… Stay Together


In our first year of marriage, we had a beautiful new LifeTime gym opening very close to where we lived, we both loved being active and so we thought it would be fun to workout together… and being the sparkly newly-weds in love that we were, we got our gym membership before it even opened.

I remember we would almost use it as a date-time escape, normal people sweating on their treadmills would look at us & probably think we were having way too much fun Рor just too much in love.  I remember hearing that couples who play together, stay together, but it was just too wonderful of a feeling, having a hobby or playful fun with your hubby, to put into just a little tagline.

After we’d had our membership for a couple of months, we discovered that they routinely left the basketball gym open in the mornings, and it was so early that most people didn’t have time to use it.¬† It was just too tempting – we would play a one-on-one game, teasing each other, competing, and flirting the entire time.¬† Sometimes, my husband would use this time to try to help me shoot better – and it worked!¬† He really taught me how to shoot!

The romance of playing together like that, being physical and breaking a sweat together, teasing and flirting, it all grows you closer together in your marriage.¬† Like two plants whose roots are planted together, the more you nurture them in their “relationship,” the better they’ll grow, their growth being stronger because it’s together.

After awhile, I went back into school and our schedules changed so that we couldn’t work out regularly in the mornings together anymore, we still fit in some extra time in the evening or on the weekends to use the pools or squeeze in a missed workout, but our daily workouts together were gone.

Working out alone was all great and healthy, but it was really sad after having such a great partner to laugh with, and make the time go by so much faster.

I really can’t stress how much more fun it is to workout with your spouse.¬† Now we have to purposely find different hobbies or interests that we can participate in now that we have a child.¬† We’ve been thinking about getting a gym membership again (they do have childcare for young children)…¬† maybe those basketball courts will be waiting. ūüėČ