Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup

This is the epic soup of Fall.  The combination of all the ingredients with their surprisingly opposite notes of flavor (onions + maple syrup anyone??), all came together to almost taste like a prelude to a Thanksgiving dinner.  It was like eating a Thanksgiving Soup! Anyway, I’ve never successfully made this soup before, I think IContinue reading “Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup”

Creamy Poblano Soup & Taco Soup

Creamy Poblano Soup I love a good, hearty, hot soup in when the weather gets cooler, or for those freezing Winter nights of which we have very few here in Texas.  This soup was just amazing!  I modified a recipe from Epicurious, adding in about a pound of ground beef seasoned with garlic, cumin, andContinue reading “Creamy Poblano Soup & Taco Soup”

Healthy & Loaded Spaghetti Carbonara

Our family loves a good, hearty Italian dish, and this is a modified form of the delicious Spaghetti Carbonara I came up with based on whatever leftovers we had on hand this week.  Because we’re big on eating protein in our foods, I added in some cooked chopped chicken (2 breasts boiled and chopped) IContinue reading “Healthy & Loaded Spaghetti Carbonara”

Pico de Gallo and Low Calorie Taco Salad

We had an exciting and long day trip yesterday… our summers are like that, full of long, hot and humid days, seeing beautiful sights around our area, taking in the sunlight and baking in the heat.  We were out all day, playing in the heat and water, and came back for dinner and watching PiratesContinue reading “Pico de Gallo and Low Calorie Taco Salad”

Israeli Couscous

Even though it’s been rain off and on, flooding in various areas, and muddy shoes galore, we found some time to get to the store to do our weekly shopping this week. I’ve always wanted to try out a recipe with Israeli Couscous… and why not in a celebratory way of kicking off a hopefullyContinue reading “Israeli Couscous”

Chorizo, Egg, & Biscuit Breakfast Casserole

Delicious, protein-packed, perfect for a crowd-pleaser dish… you won’t want to stop eating it!  I made this a couple of days ago for a group of women I meet with every week for Bible study.  It’s kind of like a breakfast feast every week as people bring tacos, donuts, fruits, yogurts… it’s like we lureContinue reading “Chorizo, Egg, & Biscuit Breakfast Casserole”

Simple, Warm, Delicious Refried Beans

  Refried beans are the simplest dish to cook if you’re wanting an incredible, homemade taste of Mexican-American style beans.  My oldest son (4), is crazy about the warm bean & cheese breakfast tacos we eat here (at any time of day) in Texas… and it’s great to be able to whip up a bigContinue reading “Simple, Warm, Delicious Refried Beans”

Halloween Cookie Cakes

This month we’ve made a couple of cookie cakes – one just the size of a personal pizza, and then one really large one (the size of a pizza pan) for a party.  These taste amazing, from a homemade chocolate chip cookie dough recipe from GOOP.  It’s truly easy to do – easier than makingContinue reading “Halloween Cookie Cakes”

Mouthwatering Chicken Tortilla Soup

There’s nothing quite like really great homemade food – food that tastes so good, you feel like you’re eating from a wonderful restaurant.  This soup falls into that category – definitely a keeper in our family!  It was so amazing that we almost couldn’t stop getting refills! I had made plans a couple of weeks ago toContinue reading “Mouthwatering Chicken Tortilla Soup”

Rainy Days, Spring, & Blueberry Muffins!

I’m so happy that Spring is here, more flowers, more color, more sun!  We’ve been enjoying the weather and a little gardening recently… along with playing in the rain.  I’m eating  delicious, warm, sweet & tart blueberry muffin right now as I write this… it makes me think of Spring.  Spring is here in Texas.Continue reading “Rainy Days, Spring, & Blueberry Muffins!”