It was the most beautiful day yesterday to be outside!  We spent a lot of time during the afternoon in the garden, getting dirty, removing more weeds, putting down some top soil in places that needed it. We’ve had a couple of weeks of rainy days off and on, sometimes with the occasional flood warning.  When it rains… it pours here, so we were more than happy to experience a bright, sunny day.  Even as I write looking out into our patio & backyard, the rain has returned yet again overnight, bringing with it a deep gray color, as everything looks damp and darkened, with only the greenery of the grass and plants heightened – the silver lining to the dark clouds.  It is incredible how diverse one day can be from another.


Another rainy day… at least it makes the sunny days all the more bright.

Rainy Day Boots

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We love the rain!  A few weeks ago, it was raining for a couple of days… being stuck inside the house is never fun… so we went out when it stopped for awhile.  Water was still running off the roof so my son grabbed his old rain boots that don’t really fit anymore, and tried to catch water in them. 

It made for an adorable photo opp!