The dresses, the sleek, toned bodies of the stars, the hair styles, the makeup, the music, the intriguing production that goes into making films, seeing the people – no the masterminds – behind the scenes… this. is. the Oscars.

Last year we did a little “Oscars party,” but this year was more subdued, toned down, and cozy.  I watched it with my dad while my my mom – who mostly only cares to catch the fashion at the beginning like all of us girls – played games with my older son.  It’s always epic in its strange way, with jokes, surprises, and even tear-jerking musical interludes.  My dad loves J.K. Simmons, and was glad to see him win an Oscar for his role in Whiplash; his speech thanking his wife & telling the audience to call their parents was touching. ❤

oscars-2015_445371Oh the dresses & the beautiful women.  Margo Robbie, as always, looked top notch & drop dead gorgeous.  I loved seeing Julian Moore and her beautiful, beaded dress – she always surprises with something unique and elegant.  Emma Stone came with her Mom (so cute), and Gwyneth Paltrow actually wore pink (a color she’s sworn she didn’t care for & collected in order to pass down to her daughter).


Eddie Redmayne won for his incredibly well-played role in The Theory of Everything – such a beautiful & tragic movie about one of the most influential men of our age, Stephen Hawking.

Julian Moore won Best Actress for her performance in Still Alice.

oscars 2015

In between one of the breaks, my dad told me a story about a time when he and his best guy friend (now RIP) were out hunting.  Sitting together on the couch with the new baby asleep on my chest, listening to him talk just felt so sweet.

oscars actresses


It was great to see the Polish film, Ida, win for the Foreign Film Language selection.  It’s a movie about a young girl, who is set to become a Catholic nun, but finds out her family history is not what she thought (they were jews).  Being of Polish-Jewish descent, this film held a special place in my heart.  A quote from the writer-director, Pawel Pawlikowski, in heavy Polish accent,

“How did I get here?  We made a film about black-and-white, the need for silence and withdrawal from the world and contemplation. And here we are at the center of noise and world attention. Fantastic. Life is full of surprises.”


For a quick link to see the rest of the winners click here.

Best of the Oscars 2014

The Oscars this year happened to fall on a night where we were already having a party to celebrate birthdays in the family – so it became an impromptu little Oscar party with all of us gathered around the tv with pizza, sodas, and chocolate desserts.  We laughed, admired, and were amazed at this year’s surprises.

There were many memorable moments… and in case you didn’t care for the Oscars, here’s what you might’ve missed!


Epic Selfie

You know it’s an epic selfie when it includes famous celebrities having a blast together at one of their “most formal events!”


I love Sandra Bullocks reaction to Ellen’s pop-up intercessions….  Sandra still looks amazing, and her performance in Gravity was beautiful.


Ellen surprised everyone and actually ordered pizza (I thought she was just joking, as did most everyone else)!  The pizza delivery man, Edgar Martirosyan, thought he would only be delivering to people backstage!


Martirosyan is actually the owner of the Hollywood franchise location that he bought 5 years ago; apparently the store was busy and so he delivered the pizza himself.  Ellen passed around a hat and ended up giving him a $1,000 tip!

jim carrey oscars

Jim Carrey also made a hilarious appearance – so good to see him again.


Idina Menzel performed her Frozen song Let it Go.


Olivia Wilde with her husband glowing from pregnancy in a simple yet elegant gown – you could not even tell she was pregnant until she turned to the side.  And her hairstyle was perfect.


Love seeing gorgeous pregnant women… which brings me to another glamorous one, Kerry Washington


Bette Midler gave a moving performance of the Wind Beneath My Wings,

bette midleroscars

Matthew McCounaughey and his first ever Oscar

matthew mc

Jennifer Lawrence was playful and radiant… as always!


American Hustle stars

american hustle pc

Meryl Streep danced with Happy singer, Pharrell Williams


Cate Blanchett and her Oscar for Blue Jasmine, loved her earrings and gown


Lupita Nyong’o accepted her award for supporting actress in 12 Years a Slave

lupita nyong'o

It’s always intriguing to see the actors and actresses who star in our favorite movies live, and this year was epic in catching their unplanned reactions. 

The poise, the beauty, and the talent.  Congrats for another great Oscar year!