Life Updates – Coronavirus Edition

Since so much has happened in our baby’s first month and a half of life, together with the sleep deprivation, it’s felt like a strange and blurry whirlwind.  I had already planned to take March off from homeschooling due to the birth, so not much changed for us with the quarantine orders.  It was justContinue reading “Life Updates – Coronavirus Edition”

Letter from Dr. Laura’s Listener on Envy

Dear Dr. Laura, I think your topic about comparing yourself to others is great. I think we all do it, and it’s very difficult to avoid. It can certainly be destructive. Envy is not one of the deadly sins for no reason. Coveting other people’s spouses or possessions has certainly led to the downfall ofContinue reading “Letter from Dr. Laura’s Listener on Envy”

Life Updates & Homeschooling… Again

I have many posts in draft, including one that has been asked several times here or via emails on what I think about women in ministry… it is coming, it’s just so complicated and long I’ve been trying to pare it down to a more easy-to-read post. We’ve going through lots of things this pastContinue reading “Life Updates & Homeschooling… Again”

How to Survive in the Desert

*** Our boys watched this as part of the homeschooling science experience when learning about the different biomes, specifically, the rainforest, desert, and tundra.  The oldest had to pick one to do a mini project on, and he hands-down picked the desert! Oh what fun!!!!  So we’ve been diving into the adventure of EVERYTHING toContinue reading “How to Survive in the Desert”

Is Marriage Really “Ugly?”

MARRIAGE IS NOT BEAUTIFUL “Marriage is ugly. You will spend the rest of your life seeing the absolute best and worst in someone. You will see them when they are mad, sad, stubborn, and so unlovable that they make you want to scream. You will witness parts of them no one will ever see butContinue reading “Is Marriage Really “Ugly?””

Letting Children Have a Vision of Marriage

“The parent who loves his children and takes pleasure in training them in right conduct gives the best possible testimonial to marriage. On the other hand, the parent who constantly complains about his physical, financial or emotional burdens breaks down his youngster’s vision of marriage as a worthy state in life.” – Rev. George A.Continue reading “Letting Children Have a Vision of Marriage”

Makeup for 50+

Wow this is so cool!  What you can find on the internet… 😀 This woman, in my opinion, is so beautiful and has aged really well.  Apparently she’s used to being on TV (we don’t watch TV so I’ve never seen or even heard of her show before) but she’s either had some minor “work”Continue reading “Makeup for 50+”

8 Months – There’s No One Like Dad!

Someone just turned 8 months recently!  We are so ready for SPRING… it’s been raining for a couple of weeks – gray days, no sunshine, but now the sun is just beginning to peak through the trees. It’s beautiful! Her little pink onesie says,”There’s No One Like Dad!”  And it is SO TRUE!  And soContinue reading “8 Months – There’s No One Like Dad!”

Things I Want My Daughter to Know: Keep it Classy

There’s an woman I know who looks, acts, (and even talks!) very much like this beautiful woman in this video.  For some strange reason, she has decided to adopt me over this past year, lol, and taken me under her wing (in advice, elegant home party planning, ettiquite, proper form, entertaining higher ups, etc.), andContinue reading “Things I Want My Daughter to Know: Keep it Classy”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to post some pretty pictures and wish my readers a Happy Thanksgiving!  We’ve been pretty busy… lots of baking, decorating, and going to the park nearby to see lights each night!  And just dwelling on the gratitude of all our blessings. I love this time of year.  I actually enjoy the wildness ofContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”