Bless Your Husband Through Food

One of the things I decided almost 13 years ago when we were first married, was that my husband would eat good food and be provided for.  I remember how it felt to wake up with him very early in the morning, even though I really didn’t need to as my day started a lotContinue reading “Bless Your Husband Through Food”

End of the Year Homeschool

I can’t believe it’s already the end of the regular school year!  We were planning to go through the Summer anyway with math and history, due to the newborn baby and taking time off, but a lot of things are wrapping up, and the kids are excited for Summer. I can’t believe though, that we’reContinue reading “End of the Year Homeschool”

Email Questions & More Ponderings

First, a Pregnancy Update 🙂  I’m finally in the third trimester of this pregnancy and am currently in between week 30 and 31.  It’s been amazing how much more difficult this one has been, granted I am older (33), but somehow the problems have seemed much worse than in the past pregnancies.  Last pregnancy wasContinue reading “Email Questions & More Ponderings”

Embracing Fall with Joy & Thanksgiving!

This past month has been full of wonderful surprises and blessings as we push through to the end of the fall semester.  Our oldest has been doing great on his tests, even completing two comprehensive science tests that spanned 4 pages long each!  His grades were fine when he was in public school, but heContinue reading “Embracing Fall with Joy & Thanksgiving!”

Fall ~ Homeschool & Outdoor Beauty

Last week was our first week of the 2019-2020 school year!!!!!!  I tried to wait until September so that maybe, just maybe, the crazy-intense nausea would relent, but it just. kept. on.  Still!  We had a wonderful week, I’m so excited about this year’s curriculum. Last year was our first year doing this, so notContinue reading “Fall ~ Homeschool & Outdoor Beauty”

End of the Year Homeschooling & Best Summer Science Experiments

  Our school year officially ended right before Memorial Day weekend, culminating in a week-long celebration of just doing whatever we could think of to have fun and let our son know how proud we were of his accomplishments throughout the year!  And there was so much more he was able to learn at homeContinue reading “End of the Year Homeschooling & Best Summer Science Experiments”

Life Updates & Homeschooling… Again

I have many posts in draft, including one that has been asked several times here or via emails on what I think about women in ministry… it is coming, it’s just so complicated and long I’ve been trying to pare it down to a more easy-to-read post. We’ve going through lots of things this pastContinue reading “Life Updates & Homeschooling… Again”

How to Survive in the Desert

*** Our boys watched this as part of the homeschooling science experience when learning about the different biomes, specifically, the rainforest, desert, and tundra.  The oldest had to pick one to do a mini project on, and he hands-down picked the desert! Oh what fun!!!!  So we’ve been diving into the adventure of EVERYTHING toContinue reading “How to Survive in the Desert”

Happy Baby Girl

All of us were sick a week ago, and we were just getting better this week.  I’ve actually never had all three children get THIS sick with a stomach bug all at the same time.  I had to set up the living room so they were all sleeping in easily accessible places so I couldContinue reading “Happy Baby Girl”

Letters from Mentors: Will the Light in My Eyes Go Out from Not ‘Achieving All I Could Be?’

A few months ago, I had a discussion with RichardP at another blog about going back to school to get a simple training degree (2 years or shorter!) eventually when the kids were older. RP said: “I’d hate to see the light go out of your eyes because you one day conclude that you neverContinue reading “Letters from Mentors: Will the Light in My Eyes Go Out from Not ‘Achieving All I Could Be?’”