Happy Baby Girl


All of us were sick a week ago, and we were just getting better this week.  I’ve actually never had all three children get THIS sick with a stomach bug all at the same time.  I had to set up the living room so they were all sleeping in easily accessible places so I could get to them in time.  Every 20 minutes one of them would start vomiting, and this went on for about 5 hours, so I just stayed out there with them, trying to sleep in between those 20 minutes.  Just seeing little ones throwing up and their whole little bodies being so sick and in so much pain was horrible.  Thank goodness it only lasted that one night, and then it was easy to care for them the next few days as they were so weak and exhausted.

It was crazy hard, and yet very sweet and bonding in unexpected ways. ❤


We’ve been finding out that homeschooling is not a very glamorous production 😀 , teaching and school work and projects get done, learning gets done thankfully, but at least for us at this time, it’s priority number one.  This is a nice way of saying the rest of the house gets tentatively put on hold at times, until I can get to it, which is very frustrating for me.  Laundry is clean, but needs to be folded and put away.  Or dishes need to be done, those kind of things are looking to go a little by the wayside at times these days.


Hopefully I can find more balance to teaching and getting housework done, soon.  But oh how the garden is calling 😀 and Spring is coming!!!!  We are definitely going to be doing mostly outdoor classes once the weather gets warmer.  The days already look just like Spring sometimes 🙂 and our kids love being outside.


So… while the kids were over their sickness (and we were getting it and getting over it) right about the time the lunar eclipse happened earlier this week, and with homeschooling, something like this is a MUST, nevermind me still being a little sick… it was totally worth it!


We didn’t let our oldest stay up for all of it of course, but we let him stay up to see the beginning of the eclipse and to try to get some pictures.  I showed him how to take moon pictures, which can be tricky 🙂


You can really see the eclipse starting… when we first went outside, we could see the entire full moon!  This was just so much fun to do with our son!

We’re all feeling better now, and so excited for sunnier weather 😀



Thanks for reading ❤


A Heavenly Home to Go To

I’ve been doing some major Spring Cleaning in our house for the past couple of weeks, going through old storage boxes, throwing things away, putting aside things to sell at a garage sale, and reorganizing the insane mess we’ve made bringing all this stuff out in the first place. We’ve even decided to completely rearrange the garage while were at it – for good measure!  I don’t really like this kind of cleaning… where things get messier before they seem to get better, but I can see how necessary it is from time to time – even in organizing a closet or pantry (blog posts to come!) – it’s going to take some hard, unproductive looking work to bring everything out before carefully planning where to put it back in.

I honestly don’t work well in the midst of mess… even though the boxes are neatly sectioned off in their own little area, waiting to go back into the garage once we have that rearranged and cleaned out, it still bothers me that they are invading the space that used to be so serene.  It serves as a constant reminder that I haven’t finished a huge task yet. 

Our messy house got me thinking again of how great it is to have a peaceful, heavenly home to go to.  I miss the home I loved to look at, and curl up on the couch to enjoy being in.  The beautiful thing is that a house doesn’t have to be perfectly untouched and tidy to feel heavenly – a lot of the ambiance has to do with the people and attitude that fills it.  This got me wondering… does a messy house (for me) lead to a  messy attitude?  I truly think there’s a connection there, because I don’t feel my best when our house doesn’t have clarity and order. 

Here’s to Spring Cleaning… that we finish it fast before I go insane.