Wife Wants to Know – Why is Passionate Sex is so Important to Men?

I received an email from a wife who complained about how I’ve written here, and elsewhere she’s seen in comments, that just offering sex is not enough. If the wife is at least not turning down her husband, then she’s technically meeting his needs, is what the wife argued.  I understood what she was talkingContinue reading “Wife Wants to Know – Why is Passionate Sex is so Important to Men?”

A New Perspective on Mother’s Day -Christian families 100+ Years Down the Road

Something I’ve been thinking about off and on for a few months is the long-term effect of Christian families, really generations, throughout time.  The picture above is of my kids and I at a river where my Great Great Grandparents would let their children play. My Great Grandfather played there as a child, as wellContinue reading “A New Perspective on Mother’s Day -Christian families 100+ Years Down the Road”

Life Updates & Homeschooling… Again

I have many posts in draft, including one that has been asked several times here or via emails on what I think about women in ministry… it is coming, it’s just so complicated and long I’ve been trying to pare it down to a more easy-to-read post. We’ve going through lots of things this pastContinue reading “Life Updates & Homeschooling… Again”

Things I Want My Daughter to Know: God’s Word Revives Us Daily

We’ve been in such a busy season recently, that I’ve again come to be so grateful for having an established morning quiet time reading God’s Word and connecting to His grace.  We still have a very packed schedule, even though with homeschooling there is lots of relaxing time and outside, unstructured play… if I hadContinue reading “Things I Want My Daughter to Know: God’s Word Revives Us Daily”

Happy Baby Girl

All of us were sick a week ago, and we were just getting better this week.  I’ve actually never had all three children get THIS sick with a stomach bug all at the same time.  I had to set up the living room so they were all sleeping in easily accessible places so I couldContinue reading “Happy Baby Girl”

Letters from Mentors: Will the Light in My Eyes Go Out from Not ‘Achieving All I Could Be?’

A few months ago, I had a discussion with RichardP at another blog about going back to school to get a simple training degree (2 years or shorter!) eventually when the kids were older. RP said: “I’d hate to see the light go out of your eyes because you one day conclude that you neverContinue reading “Letters from Mentors: Will the Light in My Eyes Go Out from Not ‘Achieving All I Could Be?’”

For the Love of Blue

For a few years now, my husband’s former Lieutenant has invited us to his church every January for a special service where ALL the members honor and thank the law enforcement officers who go, and pray over them and their families and just surround them with support.  It. Is. Powerful. This time, like every otherContinue reading “For the Love of Blue”

Spiritual Darkness & Sacrificing Our Children Part III

Give us access to your children or We’ll Accuse You of Being Homophobic!     Or un-loving.   Or judgmental. Or unChristian. You know… just pick your choice of which they’ll try to shame you of for holding to Christian morals and values, especially if you’re “trying to protect children.” How dare you try to protectContinue reading “Spiritual Darkness & Sacrificing Our Children Part III”

Spiritual Darkness & Sacrificing Our Children Part II

A reader sent me an email about a recent post Dalrock wrote on various people in the Christian world of influence, seemingly making the case for homosexual apologetics (for lack of a better word).  Especially, and diabolically, with a focus on sacrificing the safety of Christian children. I wrote back in August of this yearContinue reading “Spiritual Darkness & Sacrificing Our Children Part II”

Blessings in the Interruptions

My husband snapped this picture in the morning before he left for a special assignment… said it was too cute to miss.  Recently, our beautiful girl has decided waking up VERY early is just the thing to do 😉 and I’ve been letting her stay up with me so I can continue with some timeContinue reading “Blessings in the Interruptions”