Things I Want My Daughter to Know: Keep it Classy

There’s an woman I know who looks, acts, (and even talks!) very much like this beautiful woman in this video.  For some strange reason, she has decided to adopt me over this past year, lol, and taken me under her wing (in advice, elegant home party planning, ettiquite, proper form, entertaining higher ups, etc.), and helps me a lot with running the events I do for our wives organization.  Her level of sophistication and class has truly challenged me to step up the elegance and effort on my part.  Wow was I ever lacking in this area!

Her sweet, beautiful and kind daughter is high school age, and I ADORE watching their relationship. 😀

So I would be remiss to not post this as “something I wish my daughter to know.”

Keep it Classy 😀


Single Women: Win Men’s Attention


If you want to catch a guy – a great guy, a handsome guy, a polished, high-value man… first, you need to get his attention.

How does a girl go about this?  What is seen as obviously trying to get too much attention, versus getting enough so that a girl can get noticed by the right man she is trying to attract?  It is a very tricky thing for a girl… she might have a great character, be loving and kind, be generous and virtuous, but all these things won’t go noticed unless she, herself, IS noticed.

Fortunately, this really boils down to two things: how does the girl look, and how does she present herself in mannerism.  It is fortunate because both of these things are very capable of being channeled and developed with knowledge and practice.

Visual Appearance

Is she in shape?  This is (I know) probably the first thing men notice whether they are trying to or not, their visual senses automatically pick up whether the woman possesses a body shape that is proportional.  Yes, I said proportional.  There are many different body types, some even cultural, and while men may have their own specific preferences at times, in general, men seem to simply care if she is proportional.

Another vital aspect of visual appearance is a girl’s health, the obvious signs of physical health.  This can even mean muscle mass (ie. anorexia doesn’t look healthy just the same as obesity).  The vibrancy of a girl’s hair, the way she keeps it – if it is unkempt and greasy or full of split ends, it can signify internal mental health issues.  Hygeine is obvious, but when it is neglected, there is usually a health/mental health reason.

Feminine clothing, or clothes that boys just don’t wear, and Feminine scent, perfume in her hair, scented body wash, a lotion, almost any little touch of feminine scent (as long as it is not over-powering) is attractive to men.  Less is more, and that goes for clothing options (choose simple yet eye-catching, pleasing and feminine options instead of overwhelming styles that are merely outrageous).  You don’t want to look like a Lady Gaga spectacle, a few well chosen pieces that work together are best for an outfit to win men’s attention.  Less is more is a give-in when it comes to scent.  If they can smell you coming, 😉 it is too much!


This is a great, vast, exciting topic because women can work on and develop how they want to present themselves.  Most men best respond to a woman who is vivaciously happy.  Joyful, cheery, and playfully confident, unafraid of teasing him.  The single Christian girl that thinks these behaviors are too forward would do well to remember that flirtation with boys is not a sin!  It bewitches boys, and if used well, can catch you the man of your dreams.

So what are mannerisms when it is boiled down to it?  It encompasses using her facial expressions, basically being confident and joyful enough to use them, and use them without hesitation.  It is charming & endearing to men to show your vulnerability in wearing your emotions on your sleeve, it brings out an innate protectiveness in their soul, so that they can’t help but be drawn to you.  The way a girl uses her eyes (big time), is described well in The Fascinating Girl

One part of the feminine manner that you can always depend upon to win the notice of men is the eyes.  This does not mean an old-fashioned fluttering of the eyes and a blush behind a fan, as was considered charming in colonial days.  Nor does it mean a sexy “coy” glance.  The charming manner of using the eyes is a form of timorousness, as was described int he chapter on feminity.  The method is the following: When you see a man whom you want to notice you, try to get his attention by looking at him.  As soon as he looks at you, when you catch his glance, look directly into his eyes for a moment.  After a few seconds, lower your eyes or look to the side.  A longer look is far too aggressive and can even be vulgar, but a brief look is feminine.

Win his attention, use your feminine charms. 😉

(Image from The Great Gatsby)