Bless Your Husband Through Food

One of the things I decided almost 13 years ago when we were first married, was that my husband would eat good food and be provided for.  I remember how it felt to wake up with him very early in the morning, even though I really didn’t need to as my day started a lotContinue reading “Bless Your Husband Through Food”

A Canopy of Green

We had the most beautiful Easter weekend!  The garden area around my grandparents’ house (and where my GREAT-grandparents lived as well!), was lush with green and incredibly vibrant!  It’s hard to describe such a scene without using pictures… so I’ll use pictures 😉 We at a BBQ sandwich-style lunch with all the trimmings of coleslaw,Continue reading “A Canopy of Green”

Gardening: Just a Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Our garden has been flourishing since we’ve started again!  It’s reminded me of so many passages in Scripture that talk about God and gardens, His pruning us and tending to us.  Everyday it is such a joy to go out and tend it.  Even just looking out our window to see it, along with theContinue reading “Gardening: Just a Little Bit Goes a Long Way”

Leaves, Seeds, Classroom Gardens & Gratitude this Thanksgiving

This fall has been so wonderful… after a fun-packed October with crazy things to do each weekend, we’ve had a peaceful & pleasantly cold November.  It’s been the perfect month of baking, adventuring, and excitedly anticipating Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We are so excited and have had fun decorating for fall.   I started my sonContinue reading “Leaves, Seeds, Classroom Gardens & Gratitude this Thanksgiving”