Women Are Scary!

I was wondering through a bookstore a couple of weeks ago, looking for a new book to celebrate my birthday, when I found it… it was out of place, sitting there on the shelf with it’s front cover exposed, and it caught my attention right away with it’s hilarious and ironic title, Women Are ScaryContinue reading “Women Are Scary!”

The Art of Travel

I have a friend that is incredibly and amazingly the most adventurous girl I know.  Her love, her passion?  Travel.  I came across an essay in the book, The Art of Living, that drew images in my head of her and her journeys around the world.  She doesn’t just take time off a busy scheduleContinue reading “The Art of Travel”


I was thinking this week on the topic of friendships, what constitutes a good friendship, and what the balance really is between telling a friend how it is (for their good) and putting them down.  Where is the line between healthy competition between genuine friends and then competition where one seeks to sabatoge the other’sContinue reading “Frenemies”

No One Deserves Forgiveness

  Everyone has at some point, been hurt by someone else – whether it was intentional or random, violent or passive-aggressive, we have all had our experiences with hurt and pain.  Sometimes these instances can come from the hands of those who were responsible for loving or caring for us, accepting us and making us feelContinue reading “No One Deserves Forgiveness”

Super Bowl

Our sweet friends are having a huge Super Bowl party at their house today, the wife is 6 months pregnant and a friend of mine for a couple of years now – so I offered to help her clean her house yesterday.  In case you don’t know, when you are 6 months pregnant, you really don’tContinue reading “Super Bowl”

From 17 to 27

I’ve started mentoring a teen.  She’s 10 years younger, and there is just so much of life yet  to be known ahead of her.  There is so much of me in her when I was 17, and our striking similarities are enough to give me goose bumps!  She goes to the same little private schoolContinue reading “From 17 to 27”