Look Who Just Turned 1 Year Old!!!

This past weekend was definitely a crazy one.  With Father’s Day and celebrating our little one’s first birthday, there was just A LOT to be happy and joyful about!!!  ❤ I went to our local grocery bakery and found her the perfect little cake.  It was white cake with fresh strawberry creamed icing (soooo deliciousContinue reading “Look Who Just Turned 1 Year Old!!!”

Our Newborn Baby Girl!

Our newborn, heavenly, baby girl has arrived!!!!!!  She is 1 week old today and we are over the moon with how perfect and beautiful she is!  Having babies and growing a family with my husband is just beyond describable how wonderful it is. This past week has been hilariously hard though, she breastfeeds every hourContinue reading “Our Newborn Baby Girl!”

Reflections on this Father’s Day

It’s hard to find words to express all the feelings I feel this coming father’s day weekend.  I’m so grateful.  Grateful to have a husband who is a wonderful father, who is so good with our boys, demonstrating his love for them so beautifully.  He shows them what a man should look and be like,Continue reading “Reflections on this Father’s Day”