Southern & Smoked Fried Chicken


My hometown in 1890

If you live in the South, it’s pretty much a given that you appreciate fried food – I know I do… and like any good Southern girl, I love fried chicken.  This past weekend I decided to try my hand at this homemade recipe.  It is so much easier than you’d imagine!  Just make sure you use something with a lid (think dutch oven or deep fryer…)  do not, know matter how great of a cook you think you are, try to use anything more shallow, you might just burn your pretty little face off!  Being the health-nut I am, I used a healthier oil not realizing the smoking heat was a lot lower… sooo the entire house was slowly filled with smoke!  It was still delicious & we enjoyed a nice evening on the patio eating it outside. The End.

fried chicken

(Black & White photo of Boerne, Texas, 1890 from Traces of Texas)