Sunroom Light & Pianos

Maybe it was growing up with both parents being wonderful pianists, playing separately on our piano, taking turns… that draws me to piano music, I don’t know.  This song is so beautiful and reminds me of the past.  I heard it the other day while in our sun room with my son, teaching him his classes for homeschool.  The music combined with the sunlight and just being together with my little one was breathtaking.

Maybe it’s just me. 🙂


Helen Jane Long is the artist behind this song. (Image from

The Dancer . Christopher Ferreira

This is one of my favorite songs – I have the musical taste of genre-maniac, and I found this on my Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pandora station.  Christopher’s inspiration for this song came from a dream he had about an older man remembering his past. “In this memory of his was a beautiful dancer whom he fell in love with. So this piece is her story, while “The Farmer” is his story.”

Turn it all of the way up, sit back, close your eyes and listen.

It is Heaven.