We’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather for a couple of months now since our “Spring” starts so early.  Each year it mesmerizes me with how beautiful Texas is in the Spring.  There’s something about the sunlight hitting the newly green grass or leaves and delicate flowers with a backdrop of the most gorgeous blue sky you can imagine that is just too much!

It’s like the weather itself radiates happiness and joy ❤








Our oldest found a rock with circles cut out like eyes from a skull LOL!!  Our boys could seriously be comedians… 😀


St. Patrick’s Day craft making green peeps into little Irish men.  It was so fun!






Our green Riverwalk dyed for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.









We let our oldest start taking care of some strawberry plants, it’s been fun watching them grow and produce fruit.  Just need to figure out some netting to keep the birds and squirrels away lol!  We recently found one with a bite taken out of it!



This was the first strawberry it produced!  Our son ate it and although he “hated” strawberries before (yet still wanted the plants?? lol) he’s now decided he LOVES them!  (Sneaky parenting 101)



Sometimes our oldest reads bedtime stories to his little brother.  These are honestly the moments that you live for as a parent.  Just. So. Sweet.  ❤ ❤ ❤


New kitten adventures.





Women & Their Cats

There is something seductive about the cat.  When I was growing up, one of my father’s favorite movies was Bell Book & Candle, a 1958 film wrought with seduction, witch craft, and a gorgeous Siamese cat.  I had a Siamese feline of my own back then, there is really nothing quite like them – no other cats even come close.


Kim Novak, a self-described Polish-Czech actress, is stunning in this film, and paired next to James Stewart, of course.  She admires him from afar, and when she sees he’s engaged to her college-rival, she decides to get even.  She places a love spell over him, but then… ends up falling for him in earnest herself.

behindthe scenes

She can’t help it – if you watched this movie, you’d feel the attraction and powerful seduction throughout the scenes.  She has one problem though, a witch cannot fall in love without losing her powers.  The movie takes a comic twist when her love becomes fascinated with helping a man write a book on witches in New York, her own hilarious brother is the insider guide to the investigator, causing multiple problems for his sister.  I won’t spoil anymore of the movie, if you love women & cats & a little bit of black magic, you should see it.


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Her Aunt: She’s in love.

Her brother: Wouldn’t she rather be dead?



We love our cats… they were barely a few weeks old when I found them 4 years ago, they were 2 out of a 5 kitten litter, all of them with eye infections, upper respiratory infections, and one with a hint of cat leukemia.  The vet prepared me for the worst, but I bottle fed them anyway and loved on them.  All 5 made it, we gave away 3 and kept these 2 cuties.  They’ve been a source of inspiration ever since lol.


I don’t know where all this came from! I’m innocent!

Batman loves his cats.


Hilarious texts from your cat: http://www.sadanduseless.com/2013/09/texts-from-my-cat/

Our son was in bed and my husband went to take the trash out, he came back in with a devilish grin and told me that I needed to come outside.  I was barefoot and didn’t want to put on shoes so I asked why?  He tried to hide his laughter inside and simply told me there was something I had to see… he then swooped me up in one swift motion and carried me out on our patio so that I didn’t have to put shoes on.  He’s tricky like that.  He took me to the place he had in mind and told me to look up, this is what I saw:


Apparently our cats think they’re gargoyles.

I’ve been wanting to post the meaning of a dragonfly – it’s amazing that something I once thought was unattractive has such a beautiful deeper meaning: http://www.dragonfly-site.com/meaning-symbolize.html.

Every child is an artist. 

The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

–Pablo Picasso



And an inspirational, wonderful woman I got to meet this last summer, the amazing Laura Story.  She has inspired me so much, she’s been through the ringer, and she’s come out such a strong, beautiful person.  I’m so grateful she’s given the world her talent.

Live in the moment & have a wonderful weekend!