Beer, Gulash, & Oktoberfest 2014

oktoberfest2014dLast month, we went to our city’s local Oktoberfest, it’s something my family’s done since I was a teen and performed in it with my showgroup.  The atmosphere is family friendly but obviously something the college scene is keen to experience as well.  It’s a lot of smoke, beer, amazing German food, and seriously rocking loud & live German music 🙂  It brings back many memories, and still feels a little nostalgic every time we go back.


The older generation that belongs to the club who hosts the event dresses up 🙂  My son loved this man’s look!


The food was prepared right there in makeshift kitchens on the side of the open courtyard, allowing the scent of bratwurst, German pancakes, Gulash and other tasty foods to tempt you all night long.


Below is evidence I couldn’t resist the tasty, meaty Gulash!



They had open dancing for the crowd to join in later on in the night, so my son made me get my pregnant self (in 4 inch heels) out on the dance floor with him!  We had so much fun & laughed so much… another great Oktoberfest.



My cutie getting me to come to him.


We loved every bit of it!


Can’t wait until next October…. ❤