Thankful doesn’t even begin to cover it….


I can’t even really put into words the immense joy, peace, and thankfulness I feel.  Today is America’s Thanksgiving holiday, but the overwhelming gratefulness has been growing inside me for a few weeks!

I am not really in a position where you would expect someone to be overly joyful or thankful… I was recently fired from a job, where many of my colleagues asserted I was one of the hardest working and one of the best contributors to their team.  Even though it was deemed I was being terminated “through no fault of my own,” and was able to receive unemployment income, I still watched my associates receive raises as my family lost my precious income that we depended on. 

I’m so immensely thankful for all the lessons I learned through enduring something that had the potential to make me bitter!!  I’m thankful I stood my ground and fought my case, I’m thankful I didn’t do anything to ruin my good reputation or debase my self-dignity.  I learned so many truths and was given so much advice from people who saw what was happening.  I learned how I would deal differently with a situation like that in the future.  While I was enduring that trial, I fully trusted God knew what He was doing.

He did.  He was removing me from a situation that I didn’t need to be in anymore.  He brought me out to a beautiful existence of joy, peace, and happiness!  I’m getting to give myself to my family, my son, and even to others who need help and assistance that I simply didn’t have time for before.  I’ve always been grateful, but this experience taught me to be even more so – not to take anything for granted!  I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced more contentment, my heart is so full its overflowing with love and grace.

I’m thankful for the lessons God’s shown me – the wisdom He’s given me, and how He’s constantly changing me into a better woman.

I’m so thankful for my husband – he is human, but he is so good.  He treats me like his queen, and has sacrificed for years for us as a family working in a job he truly disliked in order to support us faithfully.  I’m thankful that he’s pursuing what he truly wants now, and that I’m able to support him emotionally.

I’m thankful for my son – he makes life worthwhile.  I’m thankful I was able to get pregnant at all… I’m thankful that we both want more children and that we both deeply care about orphans.

I’m just so thankful for life.  It is so precious and everything I have is such a gift.  These gifts are so precious, and again, I am so very thankful.

May God fill you with this same joy and grace. 

May He help you experience ultimate contentment and happiness in doing what He wants you to do in life.

May you find your purpose that only you were destined for, whatever it may be.