Last Baby Arrives with a Bang!

We’re finally home, the baby surprised everyone and decided to come (much to our dreading it) on of all the days available between full term and 40 weeks, Leap Year day. 😀 It happened the way my Dr thought it would, by me contracting so hard that my water broke, and the baby had toContinue reading “Last Baby Arrives with a Bang!”

Email Questions & More Ponderings

First, a Pregnancy Update 🙂  I’m finally in the third trimester of this pregnancy and am currently in between week 30 and 31.  It’s been amazing how much more difficult this one has been, granted I am older (33), but somehow the problems have seemed much worse than in the past pregnancies.  Last pregnancy wasContinue reading “Email Questions & More Ponderings”

Merry Christmas Readers!

Phew!!!!  I’m typing this as I’m making 2 tarts at the moment.  One traditional chocolate (very simplistic, with just a few ingredients that create the most decadent, yet simple taste), and a white chocolate swirled with butterscotch sauce for my husband. I guess it’s a let’s write between stirring the chocolate kind of night.  IContinue reading “Merry Christmas Readers!”

Letting Children Have a Vision of Marriage

“The parent who loves his children and takes pleasure in training them in right conduct gives the best possible testimonial to marriage. On the other hand, the parent who constantly complains about his physical, financial or emotional burdens breaks down his youngster’s vision of marriage as a worthy state in life.” – Rev. George A.Continue reading “Letting Children Have a Vision of Marriage”

Blessings in the Interruptions

My husband snapped this picture in the morning before he left for a special assignment… said it was too cute to miss.  Recently, our beautiful girl has decided waking up VERY early is just the thing to do 😉 and I’ve been letting her stay up with me so I can continue with some timeContinue reading “Blessings in the Interruptions”

Leaf-ing a Legacy

This start to the new school year has been so nice and calm, and very welcomed!  Even though I have moments of missing the relaxing summer days – and moments where I can’t believe it went so fast!! – it’s still nice to be able to get back into a stricter routine and learning andContinue reading “Leaf-ing a Legacy”

Adventure into Beauty

We went on an adventure yesterday… and found a beautiful place to fall in love with.  The beauty and serenity of this place was breathtaking. We’re big nature lovers.  Even when we were just dating 12 years ago, my husband and I loved going for hikes and seeking out new outdoorsey adventures to embark onContinue reading “Adventure into Beauty”

Lake Break!

Yesterday we spent some time out at the lake.  The water and the drive through the hill country was just breathtakingly beautiful!  Such a nice change of scenery! And very peaceful ❤ What is it about toddlers and throwing rocks into water? It’s so cute and adorable how they love to see them plunk andContinue reading “Lake Break!”

Relaxing in the Shade

Ahhhhh… this was so relaxing.  I’m amazed how wonderful God’s creation is and how peaceful just being in your own backyard can be!  The only sound we heard this lazy afternoon was all the dozens of birds making their various calls in the trees. It’s a great feeling when all of your littles are relaxingContinue reading “Relaxing in the Shade”

A Hill Country Road Trip

The past 2 months have flown by it seems!  As a family, we’ve just been crazy busy… first leading up to Easter, and then various family-administrative stuff, and now we’re getting ready for the end of the school year.  It’s been the kind of busy where although it’s fun, it’s also been a bit stressful.Continue reading “A Hill Country Road Trip”