Single Women: Don’t Do Messy-Girl Style!

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Single women… men notice your counter tops!

Not those counter tops – not even your kitchen counter tops, although those matter, too.  I’m talking about your counter space in your restroom, and the storage of your feminine beauty items.  A woman’s restroom and how clean she keeps it is actually more important than you think.

Growing up my mother always tried to instill in me to keep my bathroom area – mainly the counter top space – clean and organized, free of clutter, but it always seemed like a chore and slightly unnecessary.  Especially when one is single – who sees your counter top in your bathroom?  It began to make more sense in college when I would see my friend’s dorm rooms and see guys using their restroom.  If it was dirty or unclean, the guys would mentally make note of it, sometimes even say something about it.

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A few years ago, I read an article over at Into The Gloss, the chicest resource for what the models and celebrities secretly wear and do for their beauty regimen, a brief instruction to all the female readers to not be a “messy girl” and that one of the greatest sins of chic they could commit was to have a messy bathroom, especially a cluttered up counter top.

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It’s true.  Since then I’ve read many comments from men, talking about how much they wish women were aware of what they accidentally show them when they enter their apartment. Or (gasp!!) use their girlfriend’s bathroom.  Men love to have the idea of a woman being polished, together. Seeing you outside of your home, looking beautiful and polished, only to find out that your inner world is a mess is disappointment to them.  Most men are completely and utterly turned off by the messy girl life style.  It demonstrates low value, that the girl doesn’t care about her possessions, that she isn’t responsible enough to take care of where she lives, and that she doesn’t have the integrity to be disciplined and clean behind closed doors.  When reading Into the Gloss, where it showed pictures daily of the Top Shelfs (bathroom storage) of the beauty supplies, perfumes, candles, etc. the models and designers, producers, and leading women in the beauty industry – all women of high value – each and every top shelf was organized and clean.

fall2015 262

I don’t want it sound like this is the most important thing in attracting men, because obviously it isn’t!  The models and designers that have their bathrooms go on photo-shoots probably clean like never before!  But it’s still something beautiful and good to aspire to.  It’s unreasonable to expect 24/7 organization, but the key here is to learn how to make it easier, more manageable, and give you that boost of enjoying a clean, organized bathroom space.

Even Elisabeth Elliot had something to say on the beauty of cleanliness in a woman,

“The way you keep your house, the way you organize your time, the care you take in your personal appearance, the things you spend your money on, all speak loudly about what you believe. The beauty of thy peace shines forth in an ordered life. A disordered life speaks loudly of disorder in the soul.”


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Tips to keep your bathroom looking like a Top Shelf:

  • Keep your vanity counter clean by wiping it down every night after you use it, this helps dust and debris from building up over time.  My dad taught me this and continued to do it himself for years.
  • Only keep a few key feminine or favorite pieces on your counter top to avoid clutter.  Clutter just looks horribly messy, believe me I wish it didn’t!  So just stick to a couple of key pieces that are beautiful, even better if they can provide dual functions like a toothbrush holder. I have a couple of elegant pieces right now, 2 that serve as dual functions.  My Grandma’s antique angel jewelry holder is the stand for my contact case, a beautiful tiny vase holds my favorite nail polishes and glasses, along with little things like bobby pins at times.  And an antique, glass perfume bottle I found at a thrift store for $1, just to add a more feminine touch.
  • Store your bulky beauty items that you rarely use either under the cupboard in trays, bags or boxes to keep out of the way and yet still organized and easy to find when you need them.
  • Store your more regularly used beauty products on a shelf – a Top Shelf is great for this.  It’s out of theway, and easy to reach, and it forces you to only keep so much at a time – making you periodically have to go through your items to put away things you don’t use anymore, or throw away old bottles.
  • The hardest thing for me to keep on top of is dust getting on the things that are on the counter top itself, even the flowers.  Either weekly or monthly, depending on how much dust you collect in your house, try to just dust off the key pieces.  It’s hard for me to notice when it’s building up, so having a somewhat steady time when I dust there is better overall.
  • USE WINDEX!  In this age of the Selfie, how many girls and young women do you see posting up selfies with dirty mirrors?  Men actually make fun of this phenomenon, that the girl is so narcissistic that she’s focusing so much on herself, that she can’t see that the mirror itself is dirty, giving the photo a horrible overall look.  Use Windex once a week when doing your regular bathroom cleaning duties, it makes it so much more beautiful to have clean mirrors rather than dingy ones.

fall2015 259

We all try to look our best when out in public.  Single women especially, try to look polished.  But a truly polished young woman will care about the little details of her home, and work to keep even her counter tops clean and organized.

It all basically comes down to being clean and organized.

Men appreciate this, much more than society tells us.  So enjoy the beauty and peace of a clean, elegant space!


Ideas for an Easier Morning


The morning – especially that quiet segment between when I awake and when others do – is like a sacred time of renewal, meditation, much needed prayer, and finally… creativity.  According to a study done by PHD, a media planning agency, 69% of women say they feel their least attractive when they wake up in the morning.*  I don’t know about you, but I definitely believe everyone’s morning would go easier, and feel happier if we didn’t collectively feel so yuck in these precious morning hours.

Here are some tips of my own, along with points taken from Allure’s July 2014 issue article, Rise & Shine:

  • Use a coffee timer   –   seriously, no other single device will make your morning more beautiful than being able to walk over to a brewing pot of coffee, the aroma itself is enough to pull me out of bed at an unwholesome hour.  If you don’t do coffee, or do instant tea (my best friend loves her Green Tea in the morning), taking the extra effort to just ensure that everything is organized and in its place is enough to make the process easier, and even pleasurable.
  • Leisurely Plan Your Outfit   –   Savannah Guthrie, a Today co-anchor, says she forces herself to think about what she’s going to wear for the day while in the shower, so that by the time she gets out she knows exactly what she’s going to put on.*
  • Use a tongue scraper   –   nothing works better to get your mouth feeling really clean… and if you’re like me, you don’t feel as though your morning is complete without your mouth feeling beautifully fresh.
  • Wear easy morning makeup   –   After a quick wash with an alpha-hydroxyl toner, use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, along with cream concealer to dab with your finger under your eyes & along the ridge of your nose & sides of your nostrils.  A cream blush can double as color on your cheeks as well as naturally tinted looking lips.  Allure’s article also suggests a soft pencil eyeliner (that smudges for you), mascara, and a sharp eyebrow pencil to really make your eyes morning ready.
  • Hair   –   showering the night before gives you the option of having clean, ready to go hair in the morning, and taking an extra step or two right before sleep will save time and energy as well as give you that morning-goddess feeling.  Use leave-in conditioner on the bottom-half sections of your hair and braid in one or two braids to sleep in for soft, naturally wavy-looking, ready to go morning hair.





*Points from Rise & Shine by Danielle Pergament in Allure July 2014 issue

The 90’s Smokey Eyes Are Back with Spring Twist

Back in the 90’s…  I was swimming in my best friend’s private pool in the middle of summer.  Texas heat is scorching, so we honestly spent as much time as we could in the cool of the water.  It was evening and her cousin was over – a boy, a little older than us, with a bad reputation and totally into all things “cool.”  I had just started learning to use eyeliner and mascara, and like a school-age girl, was too insecure to swim without at least eye makeup still on.

In the light of the moon he watched me come up from the water, and I watched him stare at my face with a kind of strange awe and blurt out,

“Wow, you look like one of the Cocaine Models.  It’s your smudged eyes.” 

“Thanks,” I muttered, unsure if this was truly a compliment or just a musing of an older boy.  Looking back now, I know exactly what he was talking about.

kate moss5

And now… from the recent Allure April 2014 issue, in an article by Elizabeth Siegel, the classic smokey eyes have taken a turn for spring: using color instead of purely grays & blacks to offset the harshness for daytime.




Grungy (a particularly 90’s look)






(photos by David Cook & Norman Jean Roy)

The Allure of Glitter Bugs


The bug trend is still quite hot (and expensive).  Apparently they are alluring, as they appear in January’s issue of Allure magazine (pg 37).  I feel like that person that finds something unique… original (or so they hope), and then quickly finds out that the rest of the world has caught on.  It’s a mixture of pride and sadness *laughs* to think I was the only one who fell in love with a dragonfly….


Like a Jew, I just can’t believe how expensive they are….




(images taken of Allure’s Glitter Bugs article, photography by David Cook)

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