Makeup for 50+

Wow this is so cool!  What you can find on the internet… 😀

This woman, in my opinion, is so beautiful and has aged really well.  Apparently she’s used to being on TV (we don’t watch TV so I’ve never seen or even heard of her show before) but she’s either had some minor “work” down like fillers and smoothing injections OR she truly just has really taken care of her skin.  I don’t know… but her skincare routine is on-point, so it’s possible her face is naturally this beautiful due to how she’s been taking care of it.

Either way… I think she looks incredible!

Just thought her makeup tricks were something to be bookmarked here at my blog for future reference.


Let’s Talk Skin Care



















Ever since I was about 12 years old, I’ve been obsessed with skin care… taking good care of your skin, not abusing it.  Washing your face every morning and night is healing in a way.  I was lucky my mother cared about it too, she always urged me to wash my face, eat healthy, take my vitamins and fish oil supplements from an early-teenager and on.


Eat Clean


My pediatrician (who was an amazing wonderful man, now passed on) noticed when I started breaking out and promptly gave me a referral to one of the best dermatologists in our city.  I love that woman, but wow is she intense!  Even now I still go to her every once in a blue moon (1 or 2 years) and she is now into the botox injections – which I am completely against and will never get.  I enjoy aging, and intend to keep enjoying and accepting it from a embracing joyful attitude… an attitude that stems from gratitude that I’m simply getting to live life, getting the privilege to age.


Give Your Face a No Make-Up Break

Aside from all that, I truly do believe in good skin care, regardless of it’s affect on your aging (which believe me, it DOES affect it) this is a different matter completely.  Taking care of your skin is good for you right now, as well as later.

Most women nearing thirty are starting to think about skin care and starting to ask the questions of “Well, what on earth works….  And what do I really need?”  Aside from the advice of eating healthy, and taking vitamins and supplements… I think I’ve found my own answers on what is simply and truly needed.

You need these basic things in your skin care routine:

1) A nightly routine of washing your face and washing with a gentle cleanser (think Neutrogena) or a towelette/wipe to get it clean (I use baby wipes by Pampers because of the added Aloe Vera & because I have super-sensitive skin, it might sound weird but they get the job done well, and Aloe is soothing).

So make it a nightly thing if you don’t already to clean your face before bed.

2) After my face is clean, I wash with a toner that has a chemical in it to help remove the dead skin build up (I use Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner with Alpha & Beta Hydroxy acids in it) .

Aside from causing early-aging due to the skin cells not being able to reproduce as well beneath the layer of dead skin build up, your skin also needs to BREATHE to look healthy and vibrant.  This serves as a gentle exfoliant that can be used nightly.

3) You need a good moisturizer to pile on after the toner both at night and in the morning.  Your night time moisturizer can be thicker (and your face will love it, think of it as feeding your face), but a good daytime/nighttime choice that I use right now is simply Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion.

4) You need to exfoliate with something a little more abrasive (but not much so) at least 3 times a week.  This really is crucial to smooth beautiful, make-up free if you wish kind of skin.  I love my St. Ives Apricot Scrub (I use the medicated version with salicylic acid but they have milder versions as well), there are many good brands on the market, find a good one for your skin type and apply it into your weekly routine.

Doing it 3 times a week is great, your skin shouldn’t get irritated because it isn’t daily, and yet it’s often enough to keep your skin fresh and breathing and renewing constantly.

Take care of yourself, you’re the only one who can.