Staying Focus: Having Joy in Spite Of

I feel like I’ve learned so many little lessons from not only this Joy study itself, but the many different things in my life during this time.  It’s amazing to experience God’s peace and joy, even in the midst of things that would seem negative, things that normally would rob one of joy or happinessContinue reading “Staying Focus: Having Joy in Spite Of”

Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup

This is the epic soup of Fall.  The combination of all the ingredients with their surprisingly opposite notes of flavor (onions + maple syrup anyone??), all came together to almost taste like a prelude to a Thanksgiving dinner.  It was like eating a Thanksgiving Soup! Anyway, I’ve never successfully made this soup before, I think IContinue reading “Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple Soup”

Morning Adventures

Yesterday morning, we went for a walk at one of our old haunts and favorite places.  It’s an outdoor mall in our city that I’ve been coming to for years.  The mall actually had it’s opening day on my birthday back in 2005, and has a rich history of our particular romance & love story.Continue reading “Morning Adventures”

Creamy Poblano Soup & Taco Soup

Creamy Poblano Soup I love a good, hearty, hot soup in when the weather gets cooler, or for those freezing Winter nights of which we have very few here in Texas.  This soup was just amazing!  I modified a recipe from Epicurious, adding in about a pound of ground beef seasoned with garlic, cumin, andContinue reading “Creamy Poblano Soup & Taco Soup”

November Joy

November might possibly be my favorite month of the year.  It’s just so beautiful, the season of Fall is truly underway, and the delights of friends, family, and food await us by the bucket-load! Happy November to you if you’re reading this! When I think of November, I always think of our American tradition ofContinue reading “November Joy”

Whirlwind Halloween

This Halloween came up way too fast for us!  Last year, I was able to take our son out every weekend to do something different in October either celebrating Oktoberfest or Halloween parties; I was 7 months pregnant, and it was hard, but I knew it was probably the last time for awhile that we’dContinue reading “Whirlwind Halloween”

Letters of Thanks

Back in October 2013, I decided to start a small blog to post ideas, thoughts, and advice on beauty, health, fitness, dating, cooking, fashion, marriage, sex, and parenting.  It was a supposed to be a very tiny venture, meant for mostly myself, to have one place where all my thoughts were collected.  And now hasContinue reading “Letters of Thanks”

Stay Focus: An Unexpected Sermon Series on This Topic

I’ve talked with friends before about how they knew when God was communicating something specific to them, and many times, they would receive the same message in a multitude of little ways, and from different people who would unknowingly speak the very same thing aloud what they’d been feeling God tell them. At the beginning ofContinue reading “Stay Focus: An Unexpected Sermon Series on This Topic”

The Unexpected Halloween Kitten

Well, leave it to our strange luck to find yet another kitten to take in to foster.  He’s attacking my fingers as I type with his furry, cuddly cuteness! We love fostering baby animals… this little one will be easy to find a home for – he’s got perfect black and white markings, his feetContinue reading “The Unexpected Halloween Kitten”

Encourage Your Man in Hard Times

Over the weekend, I was asked to write about encouraging your man when he’s going through a particularly difficult time, from a younger friend I truly admire and love.  She is hands down, just ridiculously amazing!  Her faith, her sweet optimism, her pure, beautiful spirit has always inspired me and encouraged me to be betterContinue reading “Encourage Your Man in Hard Times”