Pope Francis starts a historic journey to Iraq

The pope will begin a journey to Iraq where there are many persecuted Christians. The journey will include several visitations to lots of historic places. 

Pope to visit Iraq today in a milestone journey 

Catholic Pope Francis has started a remarkable visit to Iraq on Friday. This is the first visit by the pope to the origin of eastern churches where millions of Christians ran away for 22 years. This symbolic visit has a very good value because Iraqi Christians are crucial to the history and culture of theology. 

They can trace their legacy back to the city of Babylon for nearly 5,000 years. It is remembered that there was grave persecution of Iraqi Christians by al-Qaeda militants and other terrorist organizations in recent years. This persecution has pushed many to other safe areas. 

Pope Francis is scheduled to meet Christian communities around Baghdad and Mosul where many Christians reside. Also, Iraq's largest Christian town in the Nineveh region will be located. This place is where the ISIL militia wiped off many Christians. The pope will also visit Erbil, where he will talk to the Kurdish clans and some 156,000 refugees who have used the place as a haven in times of distress.

Many communities hope Pope visit will bring hope 

It is hoped that the pope's visit will bring so much succor to communities where various tragedies have befallen and where there are immense persecutions.  Christians in Iraq are positive that the pope visit will bring a fresh breath to the community as many have suffered and moved to other cities. The pope is also expected to deliver lectures on how Christians and other faiths should live together.

He will also emphasize the importance of showing love. Some dignitaries are likely to meet him at the visit, also security has been increased in preparation for the event.