A Canopy of Green

IMG_6848We had the most beautiful Easter weekend!  The garden area around my grandparents’ house (and where my GREAT-grandparents lived as well!), was lush with green and incredibly vibrant!  It’s hard to describe such a scene without using pictures… so I’ll use pictures 😉… (CONTINUE READING)



Labor of Love – Painting!

So… my oldest has officially inspired me to start painting again.  I think it’s been… over 10 years since I’ve actually sat down and painted anything serious on an actual canvas.  Finger painting with toddlers – yes!  But actually sit down, sketch out a portrait and landscape, do all the colors and shading and back-painting a real painting requires?  Nope.

That actually changed today, and I sat down and painted a rather large sized canvas of my oldest (because he’s the one who has inspired me to paint again 😀 ) when he was about 2 years old… (CONTINUE READING)


There’s No One Like Dad!

Someone just turned 8 months recently!  We are so ready for SPRING… it’s been raining for a couple of weeks – gray days, no sunshine, but now the sun is just beginning to peak through the trees.

It’s beautiful!… (CONTINUE READING)





Texas Winter Wonderland?!

IMG_5711This was crazy last night!  We haven’t had real snow that lasted since 1985!!!!!!  My husband had to work, so I was worried about him driving (even though I know he’s smart and a pro at it…) still… black ice and all :/  But he was fine and came home safely.

She’s ready for her first Snow Day ❤… (CONTINUE READING)


Christmas Season Joy!

IMG_5638We got our decorations up last week, it’s been so much fun decorating with the kids and seeing all the ornaments come out again.  I get so much pleasure from just seeing everything again – like seeing old friends… LOL…. (CONTINUE READING)




Happy Thanksgiving!

IMG_5475Just wanted to post some pretty pictures and wish my readers a Happy Thanksgiving!  We’ve been pretty busy… lots of baking, decorating, and going to the park nearby to see lights each night!  And just dwelling on the gratitude of all our blessings.

I love this time of year.  I actually enjoy the wildness of it all.

Today we had some of my older son’s friends come over – the house was full of boys running around like crazy 😀 playing loud music in our “music station” of our game room, being silly and dancing around the house ❤… (CONTINUE READING)


Life Lately!

IMG_5388A regular weekend morning when we have more time to eat as a family when the little ones wake up.  Usually it’s just my husband and son on weekdays, because breakfast is the only time he gets to be with him if he’s not off.

And an awesome building project their grandparents got for them below!… (CONTINUE READING)


The Old Days

sexy husband5 (2)I was having a kind of sentimental mood earlier, and went through a bunch of our old pictures… mostly from our college and dating days.  It is amazing how fast time flies and that we’ve already been married for 10 years!  Reasons why I fell head over heels for this guy are almost endless….  He teased me constantly, in a good way.  We had the best time going back and forth flirting even before we were ever officially in a relationship… (CONTINUE READING)


Depression Cooking with Clara

Just found this woman from Mrs. White’s blog.  Fascinating stuff!  She reminds me so much of my paternal grandmother, whose husband never gave up his depression-era habits.  ❤

She even makes a remark about her mom giving them just a drop of coffee in their milk… but that they “were happy.”

So sweet…. (GO TO VIDEO)


Fall Routine Simplicity

I love the beginning of the school year!  The getting supplies (the smell of books & pencils!), getting the classroom ready and organized, and just plain getting back into the routine is somehow really peaceful.

Monday was the first day of school for us in our household, and it’s been going pretty smoothly for now.  With my husband’s schedule, the only time he gets to see our older son during most of the days he’s here, is in the morning, and only for about an hour and a half each day.  Not very much! …. (CONTINUE READING)


Babies Babies Babies!

IMG_4877 (2)I could seriously have 100 babies with my husband and still want more with him.  It’s ridiculous 😀  I don’t know what it is, but having his children makes me love him even more deeply and fiercely.  When I was still in the hospital after the birth, one of our friends who came to visit us joked that if we had met in high school, we would have had 10 kids by now.  😛  … (CONTINUE READING)


Trusting God

The past couple of years have been hard emotionally.  I haven’t wanted to write about any of it really, because I usually want to try to learn something – or at least understand it – before writing about it.  I think it was Hemingway who said “Never write about something until you’re through it.”  Well, what if it doesn’t have a clear “end?”  What if you still haven’t learned anything profound from it?  What if you’re never really “through” it?  Losing my dad has been so horrible.  I don’t write about it, but I think about it often…. (CONTINUE READING)


Pregnancy Hair Fun

prgnancy hairEven though I really dislike pregnancy, one of the best things besides getting to have a miracle from God at the end, is the effects of pregnancy on your hair and sometimes even your skin!  All the growth hormones and boost of estrogen make your hair typically really luscious and thick – as well as shiny and soft!

It. Is. Amazing.




Tragedy & Joy

IMG_5447_LII wanted to write some kind of update awhile ago, we’ve just been so busy or I’ve been distracted – or distracting myself.  I don’t even know what to write now really… so much has happened in just one month…. (CONTINUE READING)



Our Newborn Baby Girl!

sophie and mommyOur newborn, heavenly, baby girl has arrived!!!!!!  She is 1 week old today and we are over the moon with how perfect and beautiful she is!  Having babies and growing a family with my husband is just beyond describable how wonderful it is…. (CONTINUE READING)




IMG_3653My Amazing Husband and His Boys

Snapped this photo when we went downtown to see my husband working our annual city party called, “FIESTA!!”  My husband is an incredible hero.  It’s not just because he wears the badge, although the courage and bravery there are not to be discounted…. (CONTINUE READING)




IMG_3431Spring 2017

We’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather for a couple of months now since our “Spring” starts so early.  Each year it mesmerizes me with how beautiful Texas is in the Spring.  There’s something about the sunlight hitting the newly green grass or leaves and delicate flowers with a backdrop of the most gorgeous blue sky you can imagine that is just too much!

It’s like the weather itself radiates happiness and joy ❤ …. (CONTINUE READING)


baby-sophieExpecting a Baby GIRL!

I’ve been really neglecting this blog, but writing the Proverbs 31 study hasn’t stopped for me (even though it’s stopped online), it’s just taking a different avenue than I expected as there’s been a request to tailor it to police wives specifically.  So I’m writing (offline) two different books essentially, one that will hopefully be in our family for however long the children and grandchildren value it, and another that may go on to be for police wives all over the country.  So you’ll start to see the posts in this series being removed and no longer available online here.  They’ve been up for months and months so hopefully anyone who was interested has gotten something out of them, and if someone wants the ending posts, just comment or send an email to let me know…. (CONTINUE READING)

Our Winter Wonderland Experience

img_2937Taking a break from writing the Proverbs 31 series, I wanted to take some time to finally upload our pics from our mini “Winter Vacation” a couple of weeks ago.  San Antonio never gets real snow.  Well, one time back in 1985, but even that was called a “100-year snow,” for us.  Soooooo  we decided that since we missed going to the beach/island this Summer due to so many car issues, that we’d instead drive up to the mountains in New Mexico for a little less than a week to see if we could catch some snow for the boys to see! …. (CONTINUE READING)


Just a Little Goes a Long Way

IMG_1254Our garden has been flourishing since we’ve started again!  It’s reminded me of so many passages in Scripture that talk about God and gardens, His pruning us and tending to us.  Everyday it is such a joy to go out and tend it.  Even just looking out our window to see it, along with the butterflies and moths that flit around in it, brings me so much joy each day.

My husband bought me a dragonfly light that changes beautiful colors at night to light the garden.  So we’ve nicknamed it Dragonfly Garden❤  It is so sweet…. (CONTINUE READING)


Feed the Birds – Kid Friendly Bird Feeders

1283If you’re looking for a fun and sweet project to do with your kids to celebrate Spring, making bird feeders is a fun option – and there are a variety of ways depending on what you have around your house to use or what you save.

We listened to this Mary Poppins song, and sang along with it, replayed it.  Corny, yes, but really touching at the same time.  Apparently this song was Walt Disney’s favorite song, he’d have the man who composed it, play it for him on Friday evenings when no one was there in the office.  The man kept playing it even after Disney passed away.

My older son LOVED it, and the baby liked it too😉… (CONTINUE READING)


Watching Plants Grow

fall2015 251I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like in my spiritual life, I’m just watching plants grow.  I want so badly to do the right thing, to be what God wants me to be, but it amazes me how far off I feel I constantly wander off.

The exciting thing about a new year is all the possibilities to implement any new changes that need to be made.  Looking back on my failures and mishaps in 2015, a year I thought would be a relatively peaceful, quiet year, I’m so grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, but also sad that it took me so long to learn them…. (CONTINUE READING)


Getting Ready to Garden!

IMG_0702I’m insanely excited about starting our garden this year.  Since the winter wasn’t especially cold, a couple of our herbs from last year stayed fairly well.  But this Spring and Summer I’m looking forward to creating an even better garden than last!  There’s nothing so wonderful to me than creating and nurturing a vegetable and herb garden – it’s so much fun to run out barefoot to go get the things you need for a meal you’re creating, and to know that YOU grew them is just so fulfilling.  And I swear the stuff tastes better, but maybe I’m deliciously biased😉 … (CONTINUE READING)


Reflections on this Father’s Day

IMG_7440It’s hard to find words to express all the feelings I feel this coming father’s day weekend.  I’m so grateful.  Grateful to have a husband who is a wonderful father, who is so good with our boys, demonstrating his love for them so beautifully.  He shows them what a man should look and be like, he gives them an example of what a strong husband who deeply loves (and always teases) his wife looks like.  And our oldest son loves watching his example!  I couldn’t be more elated with this man I chose, Father’s Day for me means honoring him and all he does for us, honoring the man and father I’ve watched him become throughout the years we’ve been married…. (CONTINUE READING)


The Warriors

policeherosYesterday, I stood up in front of a group of men who sacrifice everyday, put their lives on the line, to protect innocent lives, protect the helpless, and fight against evil, and tried to express to them how much our city appreciates their service.  It was humbling to stand before these officers and honor them, to offer them my gratitude; they so are often discouraged, beaten down by the weight of serving a hateful, thankless society.  They hear more insults in a week than one might in a lifetime.  Several men came up afterwards expressing their gratitude for my speech… but this is National Police Week, it is us, the benefactors of their service, who should be expressing our gratitude…. (CONTINUE READING)


Adventure Inside a Cave

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday was the perfect day to venture inside a cave… it was raining cats and dogs, gloomy, a little cool, and perfect for our family field trip.

It was raining constantly, but the baby stayed dry under a blanket, and tucked into my Bjorn (like a Snugglie) carrier… venturing down into a cave wearing a baby was a little difficult at times (extra weight on a decline then incline anyone?), but it added a whole new element of excitement to our family adventure.  I loved holding him close and at the same time getting to hike inside a cave!  (CONTINUE READING)


Mother’s Day Reflections


To my boys…. Sitting here, alone in the dark as I type this and reflect on this Sunday being Mother’s Day, I’m overwhelmed with joy at being your mother.  Both of you boys, both of you, are so wonderful, and give me so much joy.  I watch you both sleep, so peacefully in your beds, and I’m amazed and so humbled that God has given you both to me.  It brings tears to my eyes to know how much God has entrusted me with, and I don’t want to fail you.  I want to be the best mother I can possibly be, and I am sorry for all the times I fall short.  I promise to always admit my mistakes, to let you know that I’m human, too, and to treat you both with fairness.  You are both my treasures, and I want you to feel it in the way I interact with you everyday.

To my mother, thank you… we may not have always agreed in the past, but you were and still are, an amazing woman.  I find myself thinking about the things you said when I was a child in your house all the time since I left 8 years ago… (CONTINUE READING)


My Grandma’s Garden


Yesterday we spent Easter at my Grandma’s old house.  Really it belonged to my Great-Grandparents, and the house itself is nearing it’s 100th birthday.  It’s architecture style, the way the front and backyard is lined out, tell a story of long ago; it’s both mysterious and inviting.  Many family memories have been made there, my own mother’s memories, my Grandfather’s memories of being raised as a boy there with 3 sisters, not to mention my memories of being there with my own Grandparents!  It’s a generational house, passed down again and again.



Awards, Achievements & Actions to Help Others – No One Cares

Winning a track race

My oldest son found a music box my dad had given me when I was very young, tucked away and honestly forgotten in a safe place, in the same beautiful condition it always has been in, and packed to brim with award ribbons and medals of achievements.  I went for many years, to a Christian school who would give out award ribbons for sports activities, art competitions, and even (in Elementary years) ribbons for having good qualities like a positive or encouraging attitude.  As a result, I accumulated many ribbons while at this school – some not so deserving of an award in my opinion, and some that I know I earned through either talent (painting or writing children’s stories) or hard work (medals for hurdling)…. (CONTINUE READING)


St. Patrick’s Day


Yesterday we took my mom to our city’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  Every year, since I used to dance in the street parade, it’s been something of a tradition.  My oldest son’s first time there was when I was pregnant with him, I felt him jump inside me when a firetruck in the parade honked its horn! …. (CONTINUE READING)


Life with Two


My 4 yr old son decided yesterday that it would be a great idea to blow his soccer whistle inside the house, while the baby was sleeping peacefully in his swing no less than 5 feet away.  He just had no clue, and when I told him why it was inappropriate, he looked a little sad, but understood and put his whistle down to his chest.

Not even 2 minutes go by, and this boy is back, walking down the hallway, past the baby’s swing, his drum around his neck, marching and beating out a riff.  I look at my husband like, “What on Earth?!?!”  And he promptly tells our son to take a chill pill… (CONTINUE READING)


A Texas Rodeo


Every year, since I was a little girl, I’ve gone with my family to the Stock Show & Rodeo, which comes into our town every February like clockwork.  It’s a part of our city’s foundational traditions, and a favorite of every little kid in town.

Like a country romance come true, it’s always (for our family) paired with Valentine’s Day & my husband’s birthday; the days are full of Stockshow fun while the nights are for the excitement of Country Music concerts & Bucking Broncos… (CONTINUE READING)


Early Spring in Texas


Its been a beautiful, wacky-weather January this year – with days where the weather is in the 20’s and then days where it is in the 70’s.  This past week, we found our first dandelion – something we’ve started to look out for as a new little family tradition.  To see the promise that the bright yellow brings after all the grey and brown of winter is just exciting, the brightness of the yellow makes us anticipate summer! … (CONTINUE READING)


Newborn Bliss


It’s been a week since the birth of our second son, and this time has just been so incredibly blissful!  Last Sunday morning was supposed to be a day of quiet and yet anxious anticipation – our scheduled C-section was for the next morning, and we needed to be at the hospital at 5:30am.  Sunday was going to be a relaxed day – a day where I could take care of the last minute details like sweeping the floor, or getting our 4-year-old to pick up the toys in his game room that I’d been letting him leave out for days now.

Instead, I was woken up… (CONTINUE READING)


Merry Christmas!


Our second son was born Sunday, December 21st, at 3:24pm after 9 hours of rapid contractions (ouch!!), and one perfect C-section afterwards.  He was 39 weeks, healthy, and as perfect as can be… our blissful Christmas present! … (CONTINUE READING)


A Morning of Christmas Spirit – You Want Your Children to Have Beautiful Memories


I love the holidays.  It might be just me, but they seem to get better with every year… maybe as one gets older, they learn to appreciate the changes of the seasons, the joy children have in Halloween, the overwhelming gratitude in your heart during Thanksgiving, the sheer beauty of Christmas, and the excitement of the New Year in all it’s unearthed possibilities.  I’m sitting here, in my favorite spot in the early morning, looking at our beautiful Christmas tree, with a hot cup of coffee and just enjoying the silence and peace… (CONTINUE READING)

Leaves, Seeds, Classroom Gardens & Gratitude This Thanksgiving


This fall has been so wonderful… after a fun-packed October with crazy things to do each weekend, we’ve had a peaceful & pleasantly cold November.  It’s been the perfect month of baking, adventuring, and excitedly anticipating Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We are so excited and have had fun decorating for fall.  I started my son on science project of having a simple “classroom garden,” where he has taken the time to plant seeds and watered and watched them grow… (CONTINUE READING)


Beer, Gulash, & Oktoberfest


Last month, we went to our city’s local Oktoberfest, it’s something my family’s done since I was a teen and performed in it with my showgroup.  The atmosphere is family friendly but obviously something the college scene is keen to experience as well.  It’s a lot of smoke, beer, amazing German food, and seriously rocking loud & live German music 🙂  It brings back many memories, and still feels a little nostalgic every time we go back… (CONTINUE READING)


October: Celebrate the Pumpkin!


I’m loving our Fall 2014!!  There is something about pumpkins and looking forward to the activities of October that just gets me pumped & excited!  Almost every weekend in October is full of plans and pumpkin-y things, from the first weekend when we picked out pumpkins 🙂 to Oktoberfest at the Beer Gardens this coming weekend, to Halloween parties – I want my son to really appreciate everything in each time’s season… not just feel like time passes by, but to learn how to have JOY in every season with all its unique changes and flair… (CONTINUE READING)


My Son & Volcanoes!


My adorable, crazy & full of life and laughter son, LOVES volcanoes.  He has been pretty obsessed with them all summer – making them out of the sand when we went swimming, out of the bubbles in the bath, and even out of toys he sees simulate the explosion that happens in an eruption.  So since we do science experiments together (he absolutely LOVES science), I thought a perfect experiment would be the classic baking soda & vinegar volcano… (CONTINUE READING)


September Blossoming

diane kruger - beauty

I love September… as I was working on our classroom September board, I was reminiscing on all the things that go with this first month of Fall….  There really isn’t a lot of exciting things or holidays to be enthusiastic about, however, to kick off this month (and put a nice end to our wonderful summer that felt like a vacation at a beach (and we got just as tan 😉 ), I took my son to a fireworks display near where we live to celebrate Labor Day.

We stayed out ridiculously late, meeting my husband when he got off work for tacos and Mexican food around 11pm… we never do this… (CONTINUE READING)


Adventures at Anthropologie


Summer is that exciting time of bringing out your colorful and bright dishes, table cloths, and napkins.  Anthropologie had some new inspiring pieces in a few weeks ago that screamed summer!  Here are some pictures of their beautiful things for your summer inspiration… (CLICK HERE TO SEE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES)


Being a “Good” Mother

Carolyn Murphy & Daughter

With my pregnancy with boy #2 well on its way at 20 weeks this weekend, and my husband’s and my anniversary being today, 7 years of learning and growing together , motherhood has been on my mind a lot lately.  My husband is working a difficult schedule from afternoon into late at night; he’s gone right after lunch, and comes home long after our son’s been asleep.  This means that our adorable son only gets to see his dad in the morning, and loves to push the limits with me in the afternoons and evenings – often driving me insane. 🙂 (CONTINUE READING)


Summer Afternoons, Shrimp Salad & Summer Dressings


There is something so wonderful about getting out and enjoying summer.  It gets extremely hot here in Texas, and since we live 10 minutes away from a great water park, we spend a lot of time in the cool water, and on the “beach.”  We love this set up, and wouldn’t trade it for the world… (CONTINUE READING)



Pregnant Mommy 

I’m delighted (and a little nauseous) to inform you readers that I’m pregnant again (between 11 & 12 weeks).  It’s been weird honestly, to be pregnant so soon after having a miscarriage; dealing with all the emotions of losing one, and then suddenly supposed to be elated only a few weeks afterward was a hard switch for me.  I was almost scared to be pregnant again, and it took a while for me to really want to acknowledge it to myself, in a way, like I was scared to actually want this baby… (CONTINUE READING)


Rainy Day Boots


We love the rain!  A few weeks ago, it was raining for a couple of days… being stuck inside the house is never fun… so we went out when it stopped for awhile.  Water was still running off the roof so my son grabbed his old rain boots that don’t really fit anymore, and tried to catch water in them. 

It made for an adorable photo opp!  (CLICK TO SEE PICTURES!)


Candy Shop Adventures


We found a beautiful little candy shop at our mall last week called Lolli & Pops (website found here).  Exploring and finding new places is one of our favorite things – and this shop was pretty amazing!  Surrounded by wood on the floors and the beautiful, high-ceiling shelves, it reminded me a little of Willy Wonka’s shop.  The chocolate assortment they had would make you think that too 😉 (CONTINUE READING)


 Lessons from My Father

When I was growing up, my father decided (since I was a girl) I needed to learn how to defend myself… he signed me up for Taekwondo classes once a week.  At first, I thought it was just ridiculous, and did the typical eye-rolling of pre-teen girls when they argue with their father, taekwondo was hardly cool.  But the instructors loved how quickly I picked up the routines – I had been in dance since I was 4 – and they were fascinated with my long arms & legs (I could kick with ease).  I slowly began to love it… (CONTINUE READING)


1848R-359019 Laughter

My son & I make it a point to visit my Grandpa once a week, he is in a home across town and usually we go on Friday mornings.  I really wish we could see him more.  He is so different from the vibrant, hilarious man I used to know; he doesn’t talk very much, he has the beginning of Alzheimer’s, and he’s often asleep at first when we come to see him… but when he sees us, he smiles again…. (CONTINUE READING) [Image from superstock]


2013-07-18-GivingHands Give to Others

I’m lucky to be part of an amazing Mentoring Moms program at our church where women in the congregation who have gotten past the stage of parenting that we are in, become a mentor who meets with us monthly to try to help us get through birth to 5 years.  Last night I came away with good solid guidance, and glimmering new perspective.

It really made me think about the women who do the mentoring… (CONTINUE READING) [Image from huffington post]


Clementine Daily_quotes Love a Teen

I’ve started mentoring a teen.  She’s 10 years younger, and there is just so much of life yet  to be known ahead of her.  There is so much of me in her when I was 17, and our striking similarities are enough to give me goose bumps!

She goes to the same little private school I went to, and has had many of the same experiences and struggles in life… (CONTINUE READING)



I’m 27. I actually love getting older, with each year comes more wisdom, peace, happiness, and authenticity with accepting everything I am and have come to be.

About a year ago I met a woman who is exactly 10 years older than me (almost to the date), she was beautiful, took care of her body, seemed to know and understand herself well enough – but after really getting to know her… (CONTINUE READING)

[image from]


clementineda Goodness & Kindness

I was reminded this weekend the importance of being careful how you speak to people; having someone speak horribly to me, the wounds are still fresh and I’ve been given a sort of clarity about the situation.  When you put yourself out there, when you try to do anything worthwhile in this world, you will always receive some amount of criticism or even blind hatred & harsh judgment… (CONTINUE READING)



For past few weeks, I’ve been training to be a Nursery Teacher each Sunday – I love children of all ages, but there is something special about 12 months to 2 years.

They are so innocent, so cute, so openly cuddly – being in that room for an hour makes me long for another baby!  I absolutely love playing with them, I get a high from loving on them, teaching them… (CONTINUE READING)


  1. I use our blog to write articles about our journey of faith as a family. Seems our family Facebook page, has been wonderful as I took time to click back over some of the wonderful missionary travels we have been on together (that always include some sort of family vacation each time we go). C

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