Obtaining a Kbis extract online: how do you go about it ?

The Kbis extract is for companies what an identity card is for a natural person. It provides information on everything that concerns the company, whether it is its legitimacy, its headquarters, its founders, etc. It is therefore very important, and even compulsory, to have it as a company. Here we propose to give you the procedure for obtaining the Kbis extract online without having to go anywhere.

Register your company with the RCS

Before obtaining a Kbis extract (extrait kbis), the company must be registered with the RCS. To do this, certain documents must be completed and filed with the registry. These are generally the M0 form and two copies of the articles of association recognised by the company director. Also, documents such as the certificate of publication, the certificate of deposit of capital in the bank, the certificate of the company's beneficiaries and proof of frequent occupation of the premises by the company are required. 

If you are a manager, you will be asked to provide a copy of one of your identity documents, a declaration on your honour that you have not been convicted of a crime and a certificate of filiation. For the spouse or matrimonial partner, if any, a certificate of marriage will be requested. Where they exist, auditors will provide proof of their application for the position of auditor and a copy of their letter of acceptance. Once you have finished filling in all these documents, either in person or online, you can continue with your application on the website only.

Apply on the website

On the website, you will have to make and follow your application until you are successful. First, you will go to the site and create an account following the instructions you will have. However, this can be a simple form that you will have to fill in. Then you can log in to your account to check whether your Kbis extract is already available. In the case of a form, fill it in and select your company from the list of companies you will be offered.

In general, obtaining a Kbis extract online is very easy to do. All you have to do is go to the website and fill in some information. So, take advantage of this tip to save money and reduce your travel expenses, for example.