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Skin Care After 30!

Oh I am so excited to write this post… something I’ve been thinking about writing for awhile now!  I just had 2 appointments this week with my beloved and long-term dermatologist, one for a normal yearly checkup (mostly for skin cancer full-body screening since I’m so white), and then another to go over my skin regimen and anti-aging “plan.”  LOL  As if you can really have a plan to not age!  I was pleasantly surprised at how pleased she was this time when viewing my skin under her sun damage lens…. (CONTINUE READING)


Spring & Summer Beauty Products

Spring and Summer beauty and skincare is always relaxed and fun for me.  This year has been a little different though, as our baby started weaning around November and finished by January, I started gaining weight very slowly (but unfortunately, steadily)- and just attributed it to the holiday foods.  We got a gym membership back in November, however, and had been using it off and on, but still the weight wouldn’t come off (granted it wasn’t consistent, deliberate exercise designed to burn fat).  It finally dawned on us that the calories I was previously burning through with breastfeeding for a year, weren’t being burned like that anymore.  But unfortunately, my appetite hadn’t gotten the message, I was still eating like I was still breastfeeding!  Go figure… I really love food…. (CONTINUE READING)


Fall & Winter Skincare


No make-up, fresh skin, that’s wearable in the early mornings of Fall and Winter, is something that I used to not be able to do.  Summer skin seems to retain more moisture and oil naturally, making going make-up free almost preferable.  Who wants their makeup sliding off in the heat?  But with the dry, cracked, or acne-prone skin of Winter?  It’s a whole different ball-game!

As I’m getting nearer and nearer to being in my 30’s, I am embracing the peacefulness of feeling literallymore comfortable in my bare-faced skin.  I love it!  ❤ I love the minimalist approach… (CONTINUE READING)


Summer Waves for Naturally Curly Hair


If you have naturally curly hair, I understand… you love it, but it’s more than likely taken you 20+ years to get to that point where you embrace your naturally given tendrils.  The Winter season is great for our hair… its not only easier to dry effectively, the air has less humidity leading to smoother locks and less frizz.  But what about the Summer?

Curly hair, if not taken care of properly, can become frizzy and damaged to the point of breakage in several areas.  My mom… dear mom… grew up having straight as a board, beautiful long blonde hair.  She prayed and prayed for a daughter with curly hair.  When I came out (with hair no-less), she was elated… (CONTINUED READING)


Summer Beauty


I’ve always loved braids… until this last weekend, I’ve never taken the time to learn how to french braid my own hair though.  When I was 17, I was a summer camp counselor – it was one of the greatest jobs ever – you learned about taking care of elementary to pre-teen age kids since they were in your cabin for a week – 24/7 – you had the responsibility of getting them where they needed to be, and showing up to teach classes yourself.  We had swimming classes, tennis, archery, twirling, gymnastics, cheerleading, leather crafting, ceramics, and many others I can’t quite remember.  I loved teaching the kids, being their counselor and pretend “mommy” for the week… (CONTINUE READING)


ITG Does Interview with Dr. Patricia Wexler, The Dream Doctor


My parents sent me to a semi-famous dermatologist in our city when I was at the young age of 11 or 12.  I had barely gotten the beginning of one or two pimples, yet they (and my pediatrician who was a wonderful, amazing man – now passed on 😦 ) wanted to make sure I didn’t ever have to go through acne or (more importantly, to both my parents and my pedi) have scars that would be left.  So off we went to the best dermatologist in our city, I think she still ranks in the top.  It began what has seemed like a life-long relationship (lol, well… so far over half my life and increasing) with her, and it’s been wonderful getting to feel like my face is taken care of…. (CONTINUE READING)


Ideas for An Easier Morning

The morning – especially that quiet segment between when I awake and when others do – is like a sacred time of renewal, meditation, much needed prayer, and finally… creativity.  According to a study done by PHD, a media planning agency, 69% of women say they feel their least attractive when they wake up in the morning.*  I don’t know about you, but I definitely believe everyone’s morning would go easier, and feel happier if we didn’t collectively feel so yuck in these precious morning hours.

Here are some tips of my own, along with points taken from Allure’s July 2014 issue article… (CONTINUE READING)


 Let’s Talk Skin Care

Most women nearing thirty are starting to think about skin care and starting to ask the questions of “Well, what on earth works….  And what do I really need?”  Aside from the advice of eating healthy, and taking vitamins and supplements… I think I’ve found my own answers on what is simply and truly needed.

You need these basic things in your skin care routine… (CONTINUE READING)

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