How to dress chic without heels

Flat shoes are definitely a part of your wardrobe. But sometimes you don't know what clothes it could make you look classy with. So read this article to the end to get some ideas.

How to choose your flat shoes

The first thing to do to look stylish with flat shoes is to know how to choose them. You can bet on good quality shoes or with an original design and you will discover it on this weblink. On the other hand, you need to not have black as your favorite color all the time. Simple black leather ballet flats can be replaced with the bright, even pastel color. Ornaments of shoes and their colors play a big role in dressing. As a style to match with flat shoes, we can mention: sneakers and tight black sweater dress, ballerinas with high ribbons and tutu-like skirts, booties and denim shorts, richelieu and jeans, ...

How to recognize the right flat shoe to wear

First you need to distinguish yourself from others. Then choose the flat shoes richelieu styles. They know how to be comfortable and are less banal than the ballerinas. But sneakers are also worth trying. On the other hand, in winter, it is better to choose short boots. Make sure they stop at your ankle or just below the knee. Avoid especially thigh-high boots as they compress the silhouette. Also, to look more chic with boots, opt for those that do not stick to your skin. The colors to adopt here to bring out your charm should vary between green, emerald, gold, midnight blue or burgundy. Boots with a small heel are also very comfortable. However, you have to keep in mind that style is a matter of combination. You can then put short shorts or skirts and short dresses on your flat shoes. However, if you are a jeans and pants lover, use socks with your flats.