How to choose a guard dog?

With the increase in burglaries and thefts, more and more people are choosing to protect their homes with a guard dog. How do you make the choice? The answer is in this article.

Spend some time getting information

There are about 400 different breeds of dogs. With this in mind, it becomes difficult to choose the best guard dog. For more informations, continue reading here. Especially since some breeds are quite capable of performing this task, while others are limited to the role of affectionate companions. Therefore, the first step before adopting a dog is to get informed. 

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Defining your needs

It is important to avoid confusion between the terms "guard dog", "protection dog" and "dangerous dog". The guard dogs we are talking about here are those that sound the alarm when disturbed. They are primarily deterrents. Their job is to protect property and homes. Protection dogs, on the other hand, are trained to attack. 

They are service animals used by trainers, security forces or individuals who want protection. These protection dogs must be distinguished from so-called "dangerous" dogs, such as the Tosa, the Rottweiler, the American Staffordshire Terrier or the Staffordshire Terrier. They are subject to special rules and may not be kept by anyone.

 A dog breed adapted to guarding

The Doberman Pinscher is one of those breeds that excels in guarding. It has a highly developed sense of hearing and will not miss a suspicious sound. Due to their high intelligence, they are easy to train. However, they need to be stimulated by giving them lots of exercise and games to keep them effective. The German Shepherd is also an excellent guard dog. 

It is characterized by intelligence, never acting impulsively and only acting after careful consideration. These athletically built dogs love regular exercise, which keeps them healthy and happy. If you are looking for a humble and affectionate pet, the Boxer is your best choice. They are very friendly animals, although they are wary of strangers. They not only act as nannies, but are also a great companion for children.