Football: Lionel Messi, 7th Golden Ball

For a few days now, football fans have been in an uproar. Indeed, after the famous evening when Lionel Messi received his seventh golden ball, many questions are raised. Some fans of other football stars even think that he doesn't deserve this distinction. This article therefore takes a look at the subject that is loosening tongues.

Golden Ball for Messi

To date, Messi is the only person in history to have won seven golden balls. You can find out more at Mistakenly called Leo Messi, the Argentine player from the city of Rosario is considered a world prodigy. In fact, "la pulga" as he is known, is the top scorer in the history of Spain and of several clubs where he has played. He is a player who has a passion for the ball and knows how to give credit to his opponents. He is certainly the best football player in the world of this generation.

A stroke of luck?

The Argentinean player has never been favoured by luck. Since he started playing football, he has always given his all. In his games, he has always played with a team spirit. It is thanks to his leadership and his numerous performances that his clubs have won many games. Lionel Messi is the football player with the necessary qualities for football, namely fair play, leadership and a sense of play. He is one of the best of his generation and inspires many other talents around the world. He has even been nicknamed: God of football.

His achievements

If there was an award or distinction for players with the most trophies and honours, Lionel Messi would certainly be the ideal candidate. Apart from his seven golden balls, he holds the world record for the most goals scored in a season. In addition, he has won the Pichichi eight times and has been awarded the Golden Shoe six times. The latter distinction is only awarded to players whose performances are astounding.