All about network marketing

First used in the United States, network marketing is a system that is now widespread throughout the world. It is an activity that consists of getting a group of people to adhere to a cause, a service or a product that you have tested yourself. Network marketing is based on the recommendation and loyalty of the consumer and the development of a network of ambassadors. Let's discover some of the benefits of network marketing.

What is network marketing

Still called direct selling or MLM, network marketing is a business model that relies on a network of distributors. It differs from affiliate marketing which is a program between a seller/advertiser and an affiliate. To better understand this difference, you can read the article which provides information on the specifics of these two types of marketing. Indeed, network marketing is a new strategy designed to enhance the marketing of an item with the sponsorship system. Salespeople or distributors receive indirect training and a percentage of the sales made by their referral. This sales technique is considered by companies as a form of word of mouth.

The main benefits of network marketing

MLM is a business system that has various benefits for sellers or businesses. It is a system that allows independent salespeople or distributors to earn money easily to supplement their income. With direct selling, if you are doing sponsorship, there is no need to go to the premises. All you need is an internet connection and a telephone or computer to present your business. It is a strategy that allows companies to maintain a healthier financial situation compared to organisations that use traditional methods.