So You Want to Be a Police Wife… First You Have to Understand the Assumptions


Really it should be forgive the assumptions.


First you have to understand that a lot of people don’t want to believe the facts.

They just don’t.

They want to believe your husband is out there, along with all police in our country, killing blacks in the streets everyday for fun, they don’t care about the reality that that’s not happening, at all, statistically

In general, many people right now and for years, have not wanted to see the facts for what they are.  They want the sensationalized news stories.  They want to believe your officer is a bloodthirsty killer who’s bent on killing black men.

You have to understand and accept they hold these assumptions.

They want to see your husband as only an impersonal SOB who is only out to enforce law, and even though you know and have seen he’s not like that on the job, and that many of the men and women he works with just aren’t like that at all, it will not matter to a lot of people.

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


You have to just accept that a lot of people assume your husband only cares about a paycheck. 

And they could care less about his death.

As they sit comfortably in their homes, criticizing courageous men out sacrificing for them to be able to sit on their butts and criticize, you’ll have to decide to look beyond their ignorant assumptions, your husband (and many others) will do what’s right by them anyway. 

You’ve seen him promise this, right after reading their attempts to tear him and other officers down.

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


You will see people slander your husband by giving testimony that they had a single bad experience with a police officer, and try to make others believe all of them are like that.  They’ll readily provide this covert form of false testimony against 1,000’s of men and women they don’t even know; you will see this and yes, of course, it will rightfully anger you.  But you’ll have to look beyond their ignorance and slander and readiness to make other people believe lies about your husband and all officers due to their ONE bad experience.  It’s painful, I totally 100% get it.  It’s very painful to know so many people not only hate your husband, but they actively try to get more and more people to see him and automatically assume he’s all things evil.  I’ve seen how this can wear police wives and their children down, year after year, when they don’t have a spiritual anchor to withstand that kind of diabolical mission against their husband (and collectively, their entire family).  They aren’t thinking of your family, of your children’s faces as they look up to their dad, a hero who would give his life to save other people because he’s fulfilling a mission he would die for.  They aren’t thinking of the seeds they sow into the hearts of police themselves, or their wives or their children.  They don’t see the destruction they’re causing emotionally and spiritually.


Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


But you have to remind yourself this battle isn’t just him vs. them.

While they become and are part of a Satanic plan to bring down the entire system, your husband is just one part of it they are ultimately going up against.  This is bigger than merely feeling offended, it’s a spiritual battle over our land and over keeping evil in check.  And quite frankly, I don’t believe they understand what the alternative is when police start to walk away altogether (or are abolished like many are calling for).  They do not know what they are doing, because they can’t (and probably will never) spiritually, “see,” what they’re doing.  They are spiritually blind, and carrying out a diabolical mission.


Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


Supporting Your Husband in His Mission

Your husband’s mission is pretty serious.  It’s actually in the Bible, even though many police officers themselves don’t know this as they were never taught biblical Truth.  Many went into this job because they felt a strong urge to protect others.  A strange (and what I’d call divine) prompting to sacrificially put their own bodies, minds and souls in harm’s way so that they can help others out of horrible situations.

When other people are running the opposite direction in fear, your husband is the one running in toward the danger to face it, and neutralize it!

He is a totally different kind of man, and God made him uniquely that way in order to fulfill a divine calling He placed on your husband’s life.

One man my husband worked with and went through the academy with, went into this job because he himself was a victim of domestic violence as a child.  He also knows others who were as well, and wanted to be the change they wanted to see.  Many of them went into this so that they could literally be the light and goodness that God wants us to be to the world.  It’s always been ironic to me that even secular police officers are showing God’s love to the lost, the broken, the orphans, the abused, the widows, and basically all the forgotten people much much more than most Christians ever will do in their entire lifetime!  

Biblically, to be a Police Officer is to be a, “Minister of God,” to the people.  But this is not some kind of for-show Priest with decorative robes, your husband is called to be a different kind of, “Minister of God,” as he is specifically called to fight against evil in the flesh and spirit, being called, “Avengers of God’s Wrath,” on evildoers.

It is a fearsome mission and calling, one that only a certain kind of person can perform, and like everything God establishes, Satan wants to see it abolished.  Satan wants that line, the men and women who hold that line, between good and evil, to be erased.

He wants to see police officers overwhelmed,

giving up,

quitting and retiring early,

feeling defeated,

feeling like no one supports them

or that the support is no longer enough.

Satan wants to see departments

defunded and abolished,

so that he can have a more free evil reign

than we’ve ever seen in this country.

Romans 13:4 (With images) | Romans 13

You will feel like Mary looking on, watching so much hatred, evil, and ignorance thrown at the one you love who you know has done nothing to deserve it.


Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


You have to accept that your husband may be injured or killed even though he tried to do everything right and loved people.


Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.

We’ve seen now for years that even while we’re burying one officer, the BLM kills two and celebrates it.


Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


Quite literally, many cities are offering up their police officers to be crucified by the public.  Anyone who is participating in this by giving their stories of how they one time knew one bad cop, they are also contributing to the problem.  Spiritually, I believe they also will be held accountable for participating in the crucifixion of the ones who did, and have done, nothing wrong.

The Importance of the Cross – Wheat & Tares

And yes, we as wives, police wives who support our husbands, we still have to forgive all these unfair and sometimes even evil, assumptions and actions against the man we passionately love.

It feels very wrong, very evil to see people who you know have retreated in their life, given up on society as a whole, and have absolutely zero passion to help others other than their own immediate family, criticize your husband who you watch every day go out and give his own mind, body and spirit for people he doesn’t know.

The only response to things like that is exactly what Jesus said about the people who were crucifying Him…

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”


And I do truly believe this.  I do not believe many of the people who hold these beliefs understand the underlying spiritual battle overcoming our country at this moment.  I don’t believe they understand or, “know,” they’re picking the side that they won’t want to win.  They don’t understand what they’re doing to our good officers.  They don’t understand what they’re doing to their wives and the hearts of their children as they see and watch so many people want to not support their fathers (who they see as heroes and rightfully so).

Our children will eventually also have this choice.  Will they see all this evil and ignorance and become bitter and resentful (or even downright hateful toward people)?  Or will they choose to forgive them as being willfully spiritually blind and part of a plan that Satan is conveniently using at the moment to gain more control?

We have to show our children, through example, how to deal with all the ignorant and even evil assumptions about good men like their dad.  How to forgive all the ignorant or evil assumptions.


Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


As police officers are being murdered even during the daytime, just sitting in their cars, these onlookers are criticizing them from the safety of their homes.

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


I remember exactly where I was the day I found out one of my husband’s fellow officers was murdered like that, just sitting in his car, finishing up a report.  It was Ben Marconi, a handsome man, a grandfather.  He had touched countless people with the love he had (yes, even many people in the streets and general public!).  He was murdered by a black man for no reason other than evil.

Hero Down: Detective Benjamin Marconi Assassinated | TruthPR

I cried so hard at his funeral.  I had to actually go and completely redo all my makeup because I was supposed to be serving food there, and almost couldn’t anymore.  I’ve been to a few of my husband’s coworkers funerals now, and it does not get easier, if anything, it just gets harder.

Each one did not deserve to die.

Each one died a martyrs death, giving their life for something they believed in that was more than themselves. Being Ministers of God, they were murdered.


Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


And to make things harder, after each one’s death, I’d always see people just shrug their shoulders and either claim they had it coming for doing a job so dangerous, or criticize officers overall for something they personally had against police in general.  Yes, many are sympathetic, but the loudest voices often are not, and police families encounter those voices more often than you know, and it’s very hard to deal with.


Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


Suspect arrested in ambush killing of San Antonio police officer ...

Surviving that kind of pain in your heart is not possible without relying on God’s strength and His grace for you to continually grant forgiveness.  I do think it may be a little of what Mary felt when watching her son who she loved so much, become a martyr.

Not only does your husband give his life daily to help people he doesn’t know, he also does this for people he knows hates him, even for people who may be evil!  They all do this, I’ve known so many now who daily get up and choose this as a form of a calling.  Many of them can’t even explain what it is, but they have this drive to help people, and it is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever come across.

It’s inspiring because it models almost exactly what Jesus did for us.  He died, He gave His life sacrificially for people who not only were sinners, but also for the people who spit on Him, cursed Him, and beat Him and killed Him.

How on earth do you become a wife who supports her husband in what looks like a crazy and dangerous mission of martyrdom?

A mission so many are not only distastefully ungrateful for,

but downright despise him for

and want him dead?


For so many years before Ferguson and even a couple after, I was trying to do this in my own strength, thinking I was still relying on God.  It’s overwhelming when we try to do something as hard as this without relying on God’s strength and grace to continually forgive and forgive and forgive.

How many times are we supposed to forgive these people who either choose to misrepresent our husbands, or intentionally cause them evil and their families harm?

Jesus said 70 times 7, which implies continual forgiveness and grace.


I’m not saying this is easy… it is INCREDIBLY hard to love and forgive our enemies.  Especially when these people are increasing in evil, and going after our husbands and their coworkers.

Yesterday we had a police family that used to live in the neighborhood we lived in (back when we lived within the city), who just had their house shot up by a drive by shooting that seemed to be targeting police officer families.

The house was hit with bullets and had his wife and children inside. My husband knows this officer.  And of course each one of us wives know it could have been us, it could have been our family.

And yet there are people who demand more officers should be forced to live by law within their own cities and have increased threats of having their children shot-up.  People who would never themselves live within cities like that, demand officers endanger their children by forcing them to live there, proposing the laws be changed to where we’d have to buy houses within the city.  How do you forgive people like that?  People who care nothing about you or your children’s safety, and definitely do not care about your husband’s?  How do you forgive their ignorance… their utter arrogance?


Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.


It is only by God’s grace that I’ve found I’m able to continually forgive.  Without God’s strength and grace, I know it would never be possible. All the emotions, the deep depression that can set in long-term, feeling anger, hatred, bitterness and resentment would eat a person alive who tried to forgive in their own strength. Over and over and over and over again.  It is, I’ve personally found, never-ending, the sheer ignorance and hatred you’ll encounter against your husband and police officers like him everywhere.

How do you faithfully be your husband’s helper, when it puts you and your family directly in the way of harm or death?  Is it even worth it at that point?

It is, if it’s your husband’s mission.

We’ve had over 200 police officers injured and I believe the count right now is at 18 outright murdered in all of this.  Those numbers are only in just roughly two weeks time, imagine what the total will be by the end of the year.  And we have become so used to this, that after George Floyd’s death, we expected officers to be murdered, families to be targeted, and riots and violence.


And I strongly believe the future looks worse, as hard as that is to imagine.

Father forgive them,

for they know not what they do.





  1. Lord, put a hedge of thorns of protection around Patrick, Stephanie, their children, their home, their vehicles, and all other officers and their families, especially during these volatile times. Cover them with Your Blood of Jesus. Hold them in the Palm of Your Hand. Prepare a path for them as they go about their jobs, their missions, protecting, caring for, providing for, the people under their care. Infuse them with great wisdom from You, discernment from You, discretion from You. Infuse their wives and children with strength and endurance. may they all always know and see Truth. thank You for those who stand in the gap for us, for our protection. May Your blessings and protection fall on them. In Jesus’ Holy Name, amen.

  2. Something evil is possessing people in this country, I am certain of it.

    I have family members who go to an evangelical Baptist church and have for a long time. It is not a large church, but it is in a large city. My family volunteers at the church several days a week, usually doing maintenance tasks that no one else wants to do. My brother handles the sound system at every service and for a congregation of Messianic Jews who use the facilities on Saturday.

    My mother’s Bible study this past week was blown apart by the leader trying to bring her politics about the police into it, something she has not done before. She went off on how there were no black members of their Bible study or in the church. She said this is because members of the church are racist and they can’t see their white privilege. It was gross, especially since she was talking to some working poor folks who were hit hard by the economic depression and didn’t want to hear about how easy their lives are. This whole thing seemed to confuse my mother, who is in her 70s and has blissfully never used social media. My father’s best friend is a police officer, who has put in for retirement at the end of this month because he just can’t take it anymore. Suffice it to say, she was not on board with her Bible study demonizing police.

    My brother called the pastor to explain what happened, because my mother has decided she does not want to return to church, and to ask if this is the new normal for their congregation. The pastor broke down talking to him, said he was terrified. He has been asked to do a sermon condemning “systemic racism” in the police and government, and he won’t do it. The pastor’s own brother and cousin are police officers in Minneapolis and are in a living hell right now. Everyone in the congregation knows he is from a police family and so they are essentially demanding that he denounce his own family. The pastor thinks this might be the end of his life in the ministry because they are going to try to kick him out and then smear his good name.

    The pastor said the worst thing is that he’s following other ministers and they are being given sermons *written by someone else* and told to deliver them or get fired. I totally believe that these activists are trying to infiltrate otherwise culturally conservative churches. Sow enough division that people stop going. It’s not enough to disagree with them anymore. They want to destroy people with different values and opinions. It’s Soviet-style nonsense, truly.

  3. Excellent post Stephanie. People will never understand, but it is important to spread the word from your perspective. People like to say, “You chose that career.” Yes we did, and your welcome is my response…

    If it were not for those who do, evil would consume this world as it has so many times in the past. Look at the worlds violent history, we are not far removed from it. Man’s evil is alive and well. Just look at what is going on today when people believe there are no repercussions in some cities. That would be life every day without the police. Thinking about you guys through all of this…

  4. Though I personally think the police in many cities need some restructuring I am certainly not one who thinks they should be abolished, defunded or that “all officers are bad officers”. What we are seeing right now is a massive push by forces who have been working on destroying America from the inside out for some 60+ years, and likely longer than that. The police will never be done away with and they shouldn’t be. Eliminate the police and eventually another law enforcement institution will rise naturally. Its best to keep the institution we have in place, restructure and retrain and, most of all, teach the populace that the police are not the enemy unless you are breaking the law. Mistakes get made, big mistakes, and officers who are involved in those mistakes should be dealt with on an individual basis, but blanket statements about police are just as bad as blanket statements about entire races of people.

    I pray your family is kept safe, especially your husband, if he is still out doing the things he is required to do. Know that not everyone is on the weird side of this wackiness, and we still support police, 100%.

  5. The thing about always demanding police have more training or reform, it just is 1) not needed in most if not all departments, as they already have tons of hours of training required each year, and 2) what kind of reform is actually good? And 3) When will the calls for reform stop (I don’t think they’ll stop until police basically *are* just there to do nothing, stop no one, basically until they don’t exist for all practical purposes. Usually in every case I’ve looked into for years the people seriously getting involved and forcing this, “reform,” are doing things that only get officers killed more. Lots of tactics and training to allow criminals to basically get the upper hand way more often, coupled with new policies that make officers get fired for things that they do right.

  6. Should add, the calls for reform in our city include getting rid of our health care and contract for benefits we have from the city. Things like that is what people are supporting when they agree that police need, “reforming.” It literally looks like soft defunding, and an old officer we know made a prediction that 50% will have to leave if these protesters get their way and reform our contract.

    Things like that will lead to officers leaving, already a major sister city close to us unaminously voted to defund their police. Eventually the departments won’t be able to attract good officers because the pay and benefits will be so bad, and the support from the cities will be so bad, that they eventually could get what they want – a very weak police force that resembles Mexico where guerrilla gangs are more powerful. That just paves the way for gangs to buy out police like we know happens in Mexico, because the good ones who will find another career will be replaced with lower and lower standard officers (we’re already seeing that here after a few years of this police reform). They continuously have to lower the standards just to get officers, which is horrible and has very bad ripple effects.

  7. @Saucyandpiper, Thank you for that comment! So very interesting to know all of that, my husband and I talked about it last night after reading your comment. We’ve seen that kind of thing, where churches start to preach political sermons that cause a huge division in the church (happened to our old church we’d been going to for almost 10 years right before Trumps first election). Suddenly the pastor was against Trump (and never a word against Hillary or Obama beforehand for his two terms). Suddenly he preached sympathetic sermons about illegal aliens, shaming us for being racists. It was insane, but looking back, we should have seen it coming years before.

    Seems like a lot of funding for churches and Christian organizations is coming from places with a very leftist agenda, and they’re SMART to do it that way, to infiltrate churches by threatening pastors to preach political sermons or lose their jobs.

    Home churches are going to get popular when communist tactics like that are employed to, “retrain,” Christians and brainwash them. Then like in all communist situations, they’ll outlaw home churches when they see they can’t control what is preached/taught. 😦

  8. “People will never understand, but it is important to spread the word from your perspective. ”

    ^Right, I’m not trying to get other people to understand, because I get it now that most just can’t and that’s ok. Thank you for your comment!

    This post in particular is for police wives to find a way to spiritually, “deal,” with all the ignorant assumptions, and the downright evil words or actions they may come across. A lot have expressed that they felt like they were, “drowning.” I think I was like that years ago, but it’s amazing what relying on God’s strength can do! Even in the midst of all of this, our family has been so positive and encouraged.

    The family of one of the officers my husband knows who had their house shot up by a drive-by shooting seeming to target them, none of them were injured, which is a huge praise!

    If anything, all the evil just brings out what this movement is, and hopefully it will awaken spiritually blind people to see (although sometimes that’s asking for a lot LOL!!!!). Hopefully some will see what they’re really after, and it’s not just the soft-defunding, it’s a long-term plan and goal they’ve already been actively working on for at least a decade.

  9. When I talk about restructuring I refer to demilitarization of your standard police officer. Maybe I’m wrong but when I was younger the police were the police and then along with them you had a S.W.A.T. team. Now it seems like every PD is just as armed as the old SWAT and, well, who knows what the SWAT team carries. I recently found a website that lets you look at the equipment given to your local PD from the DOJ and, well, its scary. The town next to mine is maybe a quarter our size, maybe even less. They acquired over two million dollars worth of military style gear for their PD including a “mine resistant truck”, night vision goggles, military style firearms and optics. What does a podunk PD need that for? What does the PD in my town need that for? Having all that gear can make some in local PDs look for reasons to use them, and for what? Personally I think one of the reasons people in towns like mine, where crime isn’t all that bad but people still hate the PD, is because instead of an authority figure, an arm of the law, people see a military figure, ie: Someone intent on attacking and overcoming an enemy. What enemy? The people. I’m not saying this is the case, but the line between the local beat cop that a neighborhood knows and respects and a fully armed soldier is blurred. At least if we have a situation like they had with Breonna Taylor it would be reported as SWAT screwed up and not the local police.

    Now, again, I will reinforce that I think a HUGE bulk of the problem is people and their disrespect for authority. The current generation has been raised to believe they are their own authority and anyone who tries to act against that authority is bad and is instantly disrespected. I don’t think police need to be retrained in how they do things, not even this nationwide push to restrict choke holds and what not. Its easy to play arm chair quarterback when none of us are the ones having to take down a 200 lb. man hyped up on drugs or having to deal with a real life and death situation, where someone might be trying to kill us. In no way do we need to defund police or take away the reality of what they face every day. To do so will do nothing to make anyone safer, and those who believe that are fooling themselves.

    Along with this I think state governments need to go through their massive lists of laws and remove laws that are outdated or make no sense, but we all know how state governments work, and if it can be used to bring in any kind of money then even the oldest and dumbest law will stay.

  10. That website would be so interesting to look into, I’ve never heard of it before.

    I think there are lots of valid reasons why police are becoming more militarized (and 99.9% of the time they are not abusing that).

    Reform or restructuring… It usually takes away from the officers’ safety etc. Like the public’s ability to sue individual officers even when they did everything right (the reform effort trying to get rid of qualified immunity). No officers will want to perform the law, or even serve after that, because they’ll constantly be taken to court and sued by anyone who’s angry at them.

  11. Yeah, I agree the whole “eliminate qualified immunity” argument is garbage. Police have a job and its fairly easy to avoid interacting with them if you don’t want to. 99% of the time if you are approached by one its likely because you did something that deserves investigation. As for valid reasons for militarization, I kind of understand. I mean, the world is getting more violent, but overall statistics show that attacks that require military style intervention just aren’t there, UNLESS, you take into account no-knock warrants and red flag warrants, which put both parties in much more danger than is needed. Given the number of mistakes made by PDs when it comes to these types of raids I, personally, am glad to see that some states are outlawing them.

  12. “As for valid reasons for militarization, I kind of understand. I mean, the world is getting more violent, but overall statistics show that attacks that require military style intervention just aren’t there”

    ^ I do think there are a lot of reasons police need militarized weapons just in case, the increase in school shootings and unknown jihad camps within the US (hard to believe that happened in NM where they were training children to perform school shootings), along with lots of other things (big human-trafficking rings, child-sex rings etc). Most of them the public is blissfully unaware of.

    I think we’re really really lucky the Mexican cartels haven’t tried to take over American soil in battles like this last one this only a few months ago:

    That battle where they were able to defeat the Mexican police and military, it only happened 40 miles away from a town not too far off from where we live (!!!). Realistically, battles like that could be a threat sometime in the future… not sure if that threat could be a part of why departments would want to collect war-like pieces, I really don’t know or understand it all, but with how the cartel was insanely militarized and seems to have strong funding, I personally wouldn’t want our departments being unprepared for a battle zone anywhere close to the border. That happened too close for comfort.

  13. I think I posted the wrong link about Mexico. The one I posted was in December 2019, but the other one was October 2019 when the government had to give in to the cartel’s demand.

    I don’t thinkost people realize how likely scenarios like that could become here, if antifa was funded with militarized weapons and police got to the point where they couldn’t compete in battle. Here was the battle where their weak police lost and the druglord’s won

  14. I could be wrong, but I estimate were about 20-40 yrs behind western Europe’s weak/corrupt police, and 100 yrs behind Mexico’s.

    A lot could change pretty fast though.

  15. I can’t even begin to imagine how awful it must be to be a police officer’s wife in America right now Stephanie, and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
    The chaos and carnage of America has been in the news media here and it looks terrifying. Where will it stop? What will be left of America when it finally does stop? Scary times!

    Here in New Zealand our police force is quite different and of course there is the odd bad egg in it (like there is in every industry) but 99% of them are fantastic. In 2016, more than 32% of our police force were women, although there is likely more now. I can’t even imagine the bravery and courage that would be needed to fill that role. It is not something I could ever do.

    I pray the Lord will bless your family and keep your husband, and you all, safe.

  16. Have had many a bad run in with the police. Some of my own doing. Most though was when i was helping the homeless and addict on thw streets late ar night “you are breaking the law” statements. Sending four squad cars to “talk to me” (intimidate) because i didnt have an EMT permit to provide first aid at a homeless camp. The only thing that prevented my arrest on several occasions was the fact i was wearing a Salvation Army uniform. I was hauled into a car in 2015. Dropped off clear across town because i refused to leave the homeless camp.

    I find most. Not all. Most police to just be bullies. Its easy to waste time on a man providing first aid to the homeless than to actually prevent crime.

    Most police were the guy who flushed my head in the toilet back in high school.

    Most have more loyalty to a Union and everytime i have needed them at my jobs….i end up being questioned.

    I dont believe in this violence towards them of late. With that said….the corruption in the police (large and small depts) is spilling over.

    I was on their side most of my life. When i actually had to deal with them…..i learned by their actions otherwise. It is “yes officer” and “no officer” when i speak with them now.

    Like most men like myself…..staying out and away from them is the best advice.

  17. Sorry for a short response, Jason, just super busy lately with family things (all positive!!) going on.

    Just one thing real quick though, you really do live in an area with a VERY different kind of police force than where we are. I can totally see how you hold these assumptions that, “most cops,” are this or that. If I were in the same place as you, I’d probably see it the same way.

    What people don’t see is that your area, and areas like it, have had decades of a certain kind of, “police reform,” that has actually contributed to making police more corrupt and quick to be unnecessarily violent. That’s why I told Snapper that when you support police reform, you need to know what the people are actually pushing for. The police reform task force I was brought into a few years ago (by our old black Pastor by the way… ), even he consented that the stuff they were pushing was going to make things worse overtime. It’s really complicated for just a comment.

  18. Jason,
    I’ve had numerous interactions with the police, including through my work as well. Most all of those interactions have been positive. The worst has been having to pay a ticket I didn’t think I really deserved, but on the flip side I’ve been let off with a warning several times when I could have been ticketed.
    I’m the same sex, and as far as I know, color as you, and about the same age. But think about it. You complain that no woman has ever been willing to have anything to do with you, that most cops are crooked and they’re always picking on you, etc, etc, etc. What do you think is so different between you and me?

  19. Stephanie – I will say a prayer again that the Lord will keep your husband safe.
    As you may know, I live in New Zealand, a fairly safe country, where guns are not allowed to be carried in public and our police are mostly unarmed.
    Today an officer was shot, during a routine traffic stop.
    Police officers are very rarely shot in the line of duty here, and our whole country is in shock and mourning that an officer has lost his life trying to keep the public safe. If that can happen here, it must be absolutely terrifying for the Police, and those who love them, in the chaos over there.
    Hearing the news about the death of the officer here made me think of you.
    May God bless you and keep you all safe.

  20. Kak thank you!!! That really does mean so much 💓. This horrific constant attack on police started getting bad for us six years ago, and I had a very very hard time dealing with it emotionally back then, along with all the open (and normalized) racism against white people.

    It seems like more people are noticing it now, I guess because it’s affecting them directly finally. But back then it felt this bad for police wives. We knew it would get dramatically worse and it has…. And we probably should expect it to continue each time to get worse as long as this brainwashing is being effected to make a lot of people truly believe the whole system is racist and that the police are the new KKK and that jail is the new form of slavery where blacks are unfairly and inhumanely oppressed.

    But it feels very different now for me personally, I feel like God has brought us out of that darkness, and put us on top of a hill and established us there (we really do live on top of a hill and can see for miles and miles the most beautiful country view)! Our life feels like a well-watered garden that God has tended to. We live in what I’d call an oasis, surrounded by co-workers my husband works with and military and old veterans. One neighbor has a gun that when he shoots it for fun, it sounds like a canon and makes the entire house shake LOL. I absolutely love it! Most people around us support us, have our backs, and have lots of guns and I think most of us know how to shoot.

    Our oldest (10) is getting his first shotgun soon!!!! And I can’t wait to watch his dad teach him and the rest of our kids.

    The onslaught of news is tragic though, and already there are reforms being put in place that make it a million times more dangerous for the officers in various places. Lots of officers quitting or refusing to put themselves in harm’s way, etc. Next move in those cities will be to Greatly lower the standards and allow really bad people to become officers. We’ve seen how that plays out and it will make things even worse.

  21. “I’m the same sex, and as far as I know, color as you, and about the same age. But think about it. You complain that no woman has ever been willing to have anything to do with you, that most cops are crooked and they’re always picking on you, etc, etc, etc. What do you think is so different between you and me?”

    I have no idea what is so different from you and me. Nor did in my comment did I bring up women. You did. I have a problem with many of the police. Steph here replied in a dignified and polite manner, but stood her ground of why she feels and believes the way she does. I know I can’t “respect” that as a man because that makes me beta, or “white knighting” or whatever.

    I do have a few hunches of what makes you and I different…..but no matter what I would say, or even intelligently debate it would boil down to “you are right, and I am wrong” and the usual smearing, chest thumping by the likes of you. Arrogance, and passive agressive off remarks, or bringing a topic totally unrelated to the thread at hand. Like you did.

    Have a good day. Thank you Steph.

  22. I’m going to close comments. Thank y’all all for commenting on the topic, hopefully it can help people if they think about it in respect to other circumstances as well.

    Something interesting for people to think about is what defunding police does to a society long-term. I didn’t know this, but apparently the UK started, “soft,” defunding of their police back in 2010, which overtime led to a dramatic increase in crime, especially violent crime.

    But no one seemed to even know they had been defunded (maybe police families were in the know, because unions talk about those things, because it affects their lives).

    But it’d be interesting to study trends. How did the UK police get to the point where they were ordered to overlook so much child-sex crimes by Muslims, and instead of doing the right thing, they obeyed their PC leaders? Were their standards severely lowered after the cut in funding? We already know violent crime increased becasue they couldn’t keep up with it, but it’d be good to look at other trends.

    I said it before, I think we’re only 20-40 years behind Europe, could be more or less depending on our country’s future politics.

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