Marriage – You Can’t Just Go Through the Motions… You Have to Be All-In


Ugh!!!  This made me cry….  Last Autumn we had an officer who had a terrible accident, and I was there with his wife visiting… had to take my mom for my own emotional support, it was so heartbreaking.  They remind me of this couple.  Just the daily struggle, seeing her husband come back to himself has been amazing.

This is what a wife should look like, it should literally be like wife-support (wow, that’s corny).  The literal Hebrew words for what Eve was supposed to be for Adam, was Ezer Kenegdo, which literally means life-saver.

Dear wife reading this, you have the opportunity to be your husband’s emotional, mental, and sometimes even motivational life-saver.  It’s literally what God intended for Eve to be to Adam.   Marriage, even in crisis, is intended to be romantic.

He’s so courageous for even trying to come back (the man in the video), what a hit to his overall ego-self.

Inspiration for a romantic Wednesday…


  1. “You have to be all in” This is what’s missing in so many unhappy marriages. If someone isn’t all in it just won’t work… Great post

  2. I haven’t seen that, but that’s great!

    I know this lady has been called a, “Navy Seal’s Seal,” which is close to the more traditional term of a, “Soldier’s Soldier,” usually referring to another male who is so devoted to his other soldier’s he fights for them and their success the same as he fights for the country.

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