Easter – Triumph in the Face of Evil!

Happy Easter!


Last year’s Easter 2019

Happy Easter readers!  I’m amazed how much has happened since Easter of last year, and I remember that day very well… it was such a wonderful celebration for our family.


I know these new changes in our world look dark and intimidating, and it does look like it’s setting things up for more government control/power, along with the nations of the world being united together in a strange, new global effort – many things needed for the end times, whenever they will come.  One can easily see how something like this could set up an environment where the world comes together under one leader, or agrees to use one new currency.  And the sense of corruption (or evil people taking advantage of all this) is very real.  And how strange to be celebrating Easter at a time like this, with so much darkness and suffering going on, as so many are jobless.

For us, it’s been uplifting to look beyond what we see and feel, and to remember the beauty of Easter – the Promise of resurrection and new life in the midst of uncertainty of the future.

With a new baby in house, there’s a lot of hectic joy anyway, and lots of contemplating God’s goodness reflected in baby smiles.

Image may contain: 1 person, baby and close-up

He is one very happy baby 😀 !!!!

Image may contain: 1 person, baby and close-up

Robert Spencer, the man who is behind the Jihad Watch blog, and in a seemingly endless war defending truth since 2003, gave his readers an encouraging message for today, mainly that evil will not triumph over good in the end, even when it looks like it in the current day.

I wish a joyous and beautiful Easter to all those Catholic and Protestant Christians who are celebrating the Resurrection of Christ today.

Even amid the coronavirus pandemic, Muslim persecution of Christians continues to increase worldwide, as does the phenomenon of Muslims in the West claiming victimhood in order to deflect attention away from the global jihad and Islamic supremacism. The contrast is piquant: Muslims acting in the name of Allah murder Christians in Nigeria and elsewhere, simply because they are Christians, and then complain in the Judeo-Christian West about not being able to wear hijab in violation of some company’s policy, or about someone saying rude things to them in a supermarket — or speaking honestly about how Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism. Liars with power, and position, and prestige spread their lies far and wide, while truth-tellers are silenced, demonized, smeared, ignored.And the “global human rights community” rushes to condemn the “Islamophobia,” while remaining silent about the persecution and the steady erosion of the freedom of speech.

But the message today is simple: evil does not and will not triumph.

Happy Easter.

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