The Veggie Prep Begins


So much has been happening, aside from all the strange and ridiculous quarantine/coronavirus mandates, we’ve been busy over here… mostly cooking and baking and prepping food for storage.  It’s been a great opportunity to teach the kids about only using what we need, while also the importance of retaining the skills for long-term food management.  For our oldest, this has been an opportunity to learn about what the Great Depression was like, very sobering and devastating to learn that our country will hit a jobless claim of probably 10 million next week.  There’s just no getting around how bad this is going to be for so many families.

We’ve decided to get more resourceful… I found a local company that usually sells produce to restaurants in our area, but since so many restaurants are hurting right now financially and just can’t place the orders they normally do for produce, this company has started advertising their goods to the public.  I found amazing deals for pounds and pounds of produce from them, and they aren’t running out any time soon 🙂

Here we have a box of 15 pounds of a variety of veggies and fruits, for $25!  And they were very fresh!


The crazy woman in me wondered what our family could live off of that would be easy to freeze, but also rich in nutrition and able to go into almost everything?  Helping us not have to go out as much, or spend as much money at this time.

And I decided to buy 40 POUNDS of sweet potatoes :O !!!


So now we’re busy cooking, baking, boiling, and freezing.  I’m thinking sweet potato pancakes, sweet potato muffins (we’ve done this before – they were amazing!), sweet potato fries, sweet potato puree to add into sauces to up the nutrition (you can even do this to spaghetti sauce to trick your kids 😀 ), and anything else I can come up with.


But definitely… Sweet potato pie, which we’ve also tried before here.


It’s going to take days to fully prep all these veggies and potatoes, but I don’t mind at all.





  1. Wow, this is truly heroic! Every year, I promise myself that I am going to get into canning. It had not occurred to me that this would be a good time to get bulk produce. I am totally going to make those sweet potato muffins. I don’t have 40 pounds of them, but I do have a lot.

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