Hard Times, Easy Recipes

A Plate Of Easy Big Fat Dinner Rolls.

With quarantine orders and so much difficulty going on in the world today, I wanted to share some simple recipes I found that could make life easier for some of you out there.

Economically, things are looking bad… it’s mind-blowing how fast all this has happened.  We were lucky to already have enough groceries and things stocked up since mid-February when I could tell this virus would probably cause us to not want to venture out with a newborn, however of course we’ve had to go out a few times just to keep up with things I didn’t foresee and the never-ending need for milk (even though we have plenty of dry milk if we need to use it for emergency).  I’ve thought several times we should just buy a cow!  Our kids really drink it!

On basic foods to keep us going, we’re at least good for 6 months, if not more.  A lot of that has come from me learning how to cook from scratch simple meals, make simple foods, and store store store things in the freezer when we can.  Being stocked up on basic pantry necessities has been a way of life for us for so long now I’m not even sure when we started.  At least I can tell you that this can be done frugally, we can make it through this!  Hugs to anyone reading this out there!

Back a few years ago when our daughter was born, I started watching this sweet little woman doing a youtube show on Great Depression Cooking.  We really pinch pennies around here, and even aside from that, I just love knowing how to make simple meals that are healthy, but easy on the budget.  We don’t really have to live like that, but for some reason I find it enjoyable.  One of my husband’s coworkers said we lived, “like peasants,” which I took as a compliment.

Here are some of her basic survival tips for a start, and if you don’t have room for an extensive garden, even a patio balcony in an apartment is enough room!  We used to have a beautiful, well-stocked garden when we lived in a town-home ❤  There was no front or backyard, so we just filled our balcony with plants, tomatoes, jalapenos and herbs!  The most interesting thing is how creative people can get when they’re poor 🙂

Here is her video I believe I may have posted before on a, “poor man’s feast,”

Check out her channel for more meal ideas


Easy Big Fat Yeast Rolls Recipe

A Plate Of Easy Big Fat Dinner Rolls.

  • 1 c water, warm
  • 1 pkg active dry yeast
  • 1/4 c sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 Tbsp butter, softened
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 3 1/2 – 4 c all-purpose flour

Preheat oven to 350’F  Add water to the yeast, then add the next 4 ingredients, beat with a dough hook if available until blended (use a big mixing bowl)

Add the flour and mix it in until a soft dough forms (and isn’t sticky anymore… sometimes this takes more or less flour)

Put onto floured board and knead until smooth

Put into greased bowl and cover with plastic wrap (or a towel), allow to rise in a warm place for 45 min

Punch dough down and turn out onto floured board

Shape into little balls and arrange on a 9×13 greased baking dish, let rise again 30 min

Bake at 350’F for 20 min, brush butter on top once done!

Recipe found here


Making Sourdough Starter – from Around the Family Table Blogger and Cookbook author

Sourdough baking is an incredible baking adventure and it can begin in your kitchen today. It is an art and it is so rewarding to pull a crusty artisan or a soft sandwich loaf out of the oven. In the post we will begin in the very beginning of sourdough, starting with the first tablespoon of flour and water to make a starter. We will take you through the day by day steps to have a successful baking experience.

If this looks too time consuming you may email me to receive a small jar of mature sourdough starter. I do ask for $6 to cover the packing/shipping cost…

Click here to read full post

I’m so sorry for everyone going through these hard times.  It may get better, but it also may get a whole lot worse.  It’s best to be prepared either way to live off what you have and to make plans to start a garden now (order supplies and seeds online), rather than wait.




  1. This is great stuff! I told my wife to consider doing the same and maybe starting up a little YouTube channel or something on making simple dishes, since she cooks really well. A lot of people will benefit from information like this right now!

  2. Yes, your wife should do it! Tell her I’d watch it for sure!! People also should start ordering produce & eggs/dairy from any local businesses who are selling from the surrounding farmers.

    How are things in California? 😦 It sounds like the governments are trying to grab as much power right now as thy can – and it’s such an over-reaction in my opinion.

  3. Surprisingly the CA government has so far been tame, but they are ramping things up. Los Angeles county just released 1700 prisoners into the public after pressure from the ACLU, who has been pressuring a lot of counties to do the same. They have also decided the police/sheriff will not respond to any calls, including 911, for what they deem “petty crimes”. While doing so the sheriff thinks too many people are purchasing firearms and had said he will send officers to shut gun shops down, but decided against it, only saying that he would “leave it to the governor to decide when gun shops should be closed”. The mayor of LA has stated he will call on the utility companies to shut of water and power to any store that doesn’t comply with city demands for shutdown, even if those demands are not legal.

    Fortunately we are far enough away that we are not directly affected by these dumb decisions, but we will eventually feel the effects. Of course, anything our illustrious governor decides affects us right away, but I will give credit where its due and say that so far he has been pretty level headed about it. I wouldn’t vote him for another term, but if we got a hold of him I would use less tar in my tarring and feathering than I would have a week ago.

    Ill have to talk to the wife. I think she might be interested, but she’s a nervous sort who might not like being on camera.

  4. Fun post! I too enjoy cooking from scratch and finding ways to save. I really enjoy learning how other families do this. I’m reading Kit Kittridge with my kids (American girl set in the Depression). It gets one thinking, and we’ve learned a lot of interesting ideas. I’m thankful the present situation will not last long, but I expect it will change perspectives for many, and probably in good ways!

  5. Excellent post 🙂
    Here in New Zealand our entire country has gone into lockdown and our borders have been closed for a couple of weeks. The decision has murdered our economy completely, and there’s no guarantees it’s even going to work to halt the virus. My family has no income at the moment (aside from the government’s wage subsidy scheme which will only last a couple of months) as we have had to close our shop. We’re luckier than some – at the end of this, we’ll still have all our stock, as it isn’t perishable.

    I have a sourdough starter in my kitchen, it’s called Sally. Every few days I use the discard to make sourdough crumpets. At the moment I can’t buy flour, no supermarkets have it in stock, so I can’t make bread, but the crumpets are delicious 🙂
    Being as self-sufficient as possible is an excellent idea! Supermarkets here are insisting there is enough food for everybody and we need to shop normally, but I notice they’ve put the prices up on just about everything, probably because non-essential shops (including butcheries and fruit and vege stores and farmers markets) are closed and our only option is the supermarket.

  6. Hey Ace sorry I never responded back here! That’s hilarious that you’re sourdough starter has a name LOL very cute. And I’m so sorry about y’all’s business. That just sucks 😥 I think A LOT of people are going to be effected in that way and it’s going to bad if they keep extending it longer and longer. So glad you won’t lose your stock though, that’s definitely thinking positive!

    Y’all are going through a lot… stay strong!

  7. Hey Linda I’ve been wanting to email you!!! I need to get those books for our girl. And yes, I’ve seen a lot of people change perspective already on things like how much time they actually spend with their kids and starting to do home-cooking etc. It seems like lots of positive changes, only negative being that churches are closed and we can’t fellowship.

  8. Snapper, that sounds crazy to me, and I’m sure by now it’s already changed again! Our government has done some similar things regarding releasing criminals and such, not enforcing certain laws I think, etc.

    I’m glad y’all are far enough away that it isn’t affecting your family.

  9. Just got word today that failure to comply with the governors “shelter in place order” can now result in fines or imprisonment. Also the local sheriff and PD have announced (Why announce it? Really???) that they will no longer respond to calls about certain crimes unless they are “crimes in progress”. This whole thing seems like its getting out of hand. I see people on the local subreddit for my town cheering this on because of 4000 horrible and sad deaths, yet the 23,000 seasonal flu deaths since January are just a statistic. These are scary times we live in. Our governor seeks to use this calamity to reshape the state, through fear, into something more liberal and to damage capitalism. Those are his own words (Just search for Gavin Newsome). I will need to find a way to get out of this state faster.

  10. Wow Snapper… Texas is still ok for now… There’s a police wife that emails with me from time to time that was also trying to leave California for here, it makes sense, get out before it gets worse.

    Vermont apparently is even banning the sale of vegetable seeds right now, along with other items they’ve decided are “non-essential.” So apparently growing your own food is not allowed there, it’s getting scary.

  11. I saw that about the seeds, though I thought it was Virginia, or maybe it is ALSO Virginia. Either way, too much going on right now and too little information for my taste. You all keep safe!

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