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Why would I begin the New Year with a blog like this? Because, you and I as believers in Christ are in a war against evil. The one thing you want to do in the coming New Year is to defeat evil. And evil is about to take a nasty turn—a turn you need to […]

via Christian Leaders are saying lies about you — Mario Murillo Ministries

Published by Stephanie

I'm a 33 yr old Christian wife to my college sweetheart for almost 13 years, and a mother to 3 handsome boys & a girl!!! I write for simple pleasure about my treasures in life, marriage, children, parenting, some advice for singles in the dating market, and a little on spiritual growth as I work to become a better person in life. Just started a new fitness blog about loving your body and how that dramatically changes your whole life! I love getting this chance to encourage people through my writing, and even though this world is so evil, I believe we will see the Lord's goodness in the land of the living. "For You have been my help, And in the shadow of Your wings, where I am always protected, I sing for joy." Psalm 63:7

One thought on “Christian Leaders are saying lies about you — Mario Murillo Ministries

  1. Christianity Today has been a silly website for a long while now. The media portrays it as an evangelical publication because of its history (it has been denounced by the family that founded it, but you don’t see them noting that in their articles) and because this editorial serves their purposes, but it’s certainly not an evangelical publication. In fact, most of their articles are about pop psychology instead of religion. The political bias there has been clear for a while. That editor was already on his way out, and I take that editorial as an audition or publicity stunt for him to land a position at a more mainstream platform, which he probably accomplished. Now he can be a higher paid professional internet troll.

    This publishing phenomenon is not exactly unique to the right either. The New Yorker used to be a literary magazine, and now it is a totally unhinged political pamphlet. The Atlantic used to have smart commentary, and was even a good place for conservative intellectuals to write. Not anymore. The entire industry has become a giant troll colony with Trump as its singular obsession. Heck, I just cancelled a fitness magazine because it has one article on fitness every month and the rest is unrelated identity politics garbage.

    I feel like there is a strong argument for letting the media be a self-contained cesspool. People in the real world know what evangelicals think and why they think it. Left-leaning churches are also where you will find the emptiest pews. Left-leaning seminaries have the least influence in religious circles. More than 2/3rds of registered Democrats are non-Christian, and it would be much higher without African-American voters, who are pretty much the last bastion of Christianity on the left (and many of them are leaning right now).

    These people are not trying to convince *you* that things are changing in your church. They are trying to convince themselves that most other people share their beliefs. Because right now all data suggests the opposite.

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