Why Beautiful Things Makes Us Happy

I’ve always loved trying to defend why beauty matters… from tastefully creating an aesthetic environment in one’s home, to simple actions such as making your bed everyday, symmetrical beauty designed with order, brings us peace and happiness at a chemical level response!

This is my fourth pregnancy, and the sickness and exhaustion has been much more than any of the prior pregnancies, so cleaning in the early months has been especially difficult.  It’s like we were thrust into survival mode, where only the bare minimum was done, but thankfully all that’s over now (praise God 😀 ) and I’m finally getting back up to speed.  There’s just nothing more pleasant, inviting, and peaceful than a home that is well-managed and tidy.  Clean floors are like my holy grail of perpetual achievement (LOL), and although it’s a simple task and really shouldn’t be so important, it feels like heaven just knowing my floors are 100% clean.  It does help that this time, in very early pregnancy, before the crazy sickness really kicked in, I did an intense deep clean of everything, including the tile grout – and that helped to kind of off-set the coming months thankfully from needing too much intense care and correction.

On the physical front of defending beauty, I’m all in!  I think physical beauty is not to be necessarily considered vain, but that it’s also important in its own right, especially if you’re married.  I’ve written before on how it impacts your husband in several ways here, as well as how the Christian culture devalues it.  I’m sure it does sound vain though to say you make it one of your priorities 😉 but I do try….  Thankfully with pregnancy, women already are given a certain, well-documented, “glow.”  Their breasts also grow a couple of sizes, and their hair grows faster and thicker – it’s great for maintaining your mane!  You may not be able to use facial products that combat aging, or exercise at the same intensity, but there’s a lot naturally that happens that can make you feel beautiful, even when pretty darn ill.

But back to the topic of beauty in general.  In the female form, keeping in shape, eating foods that aid your body, instead of the laced-with-poison options that freely abound, actually does contribute to the delay of the aging process, and therefore, in a way, preserving the natural beauty of youth.  Of course you can’t preserve it completely, or even for very long, but it’s nice to be able to, “age well,” especially forgoing any attempts to un-naturalize yourself with injections of Botox, etc.

On the topic of food causing the destruction of natural beauty, in other words, things we’re not supposed to ingest (but seem to be in a lot of food/dyes, etc.) cause free radicals (molecules that have been, “radicalized,” and only have 1 electron, making them extremely unstable) which go on to cause damage to surrounding areas in your body.  Enough damage causes cancerous cells that are usually nipped in the bud early if your body gets enough sleep and you have enough anti-oxidants to neutralize those highly charged 1-electron molecules.  But if it’s too much damage over time, and you don’t get enough sleep and self-care, the damage builds up and creates wrinkles/aging skin at best, and disease or cancer at worst.  Good self-care, lots of sunscreen of big hats when out in the sun, eating and applying anti-oxidants really do a lot to help when they’re all done consistently.  Even exercise itself has been proven to repair the ends of your telomeres (the caps of your chromosomes that protect them from damage!), which means that exercise itself is a powerful anti-ager!!  Don’t neglect it for long, there’s just so much that benefits from it!

On art that is produced, I’ve always had a fascination with it that I can attribute to my parents ❤  We’re a family of artists, that goes back generations mainly found on my mother’s side, but somewhat on my dad’s maternal side as well.  Both of my mother’s paternal and maternal families had a propensity for creating and appreciating art, with her paternal side including the Cowpokes creator ❤ , and her maternal side getting their artistic abilities from their Polish roots (I think, at least).  The poles weren’t really good at warfare, financial success, or anything very note-worthy,. but they did produce some of the world’s best artists, musicians (loved Frederic Chopin when I was growing up! And then of course the Goo Goo Dolls LOL), and actors/actresses.  Maybe I’m biased (obviously), but it also seems Polish people, and the surrounding Eastern European countries, seem to produce some of the most beautiful men and women (particularly women)!

Now… off to eat some anti-oxidants and make our space more beautiful for our children ❤

11 thoughts on “Why Beautiful Things Makes Us Happy

  1. I absolutely love Polish ceramics and have always wanted to start a collection of them. They are so beautiful, and kind of fit with your topic of bringing a certain aesthetic into the home to elevate ordinary life.

    Beauty doesn’t only impact your husband and family… It impacts your own mind too. When you feel good about yourself and are happy, you remove an unnecessary source of stress from your environment. You are effortlessly kinder to the people around you. Our culture is obsessed with removing the “shame” associated a lazy appearance, as if someone not calling you fat will make you as happy as actually being in shape. It’s really destructive psychologically.

  2. I agree 100%! It definitely makes my own mind feel happier and more peaceful – and yes, it does impact one’s ability to be kinder! Very great points!

    And yes, Polish ceramics are so beautiful. I have some from my grandmother, and it really is so nice knowing they’re hand crafted/painted, lead and cadmium-free, They’re even usable as every day dishes, they’re so strong!

  3. my ‘holy grail’ is a clean kitchen … can’t sleep without a spotless kitchen! lol! funny how we all have our ‘thing’ 🙂

    i love reading about the artisans who helped create beauty in the temple in the OT.

    i think that God puts a high priority on beauty … it amazes me how much of His creation no one sees … except Him 🙂 … it tells me that God delights in the beauty He has created 🙂

  4. wow. that pottery site is stunning!

    went to amazon and looked up polish pottery, and they have quite a selection, too, with authentication papers.

  5. If you want to lengthen your telomeres, the easiest way is to buy some Epitalon. I have injected Epitalon, N-Acetyl Epitalon, and N-Acetyl Epitalon Amidate. It worked wonders for me. It even backed out my ragweed allergy. And now you can also buy it in sublingual pills on Amazon. I have probably tried five hundred supplements and the Epitalon would have to be in my top five for noticeable improvements. Do some research on it. The older you are the more it helps you.

  6. I’m going to have to look into that, Sharkly, thank you!! I’m actually 33 now, need to change my age in the about me section… but people regularly seem to think I’m a lot younger (a couple of years ago in a grocery store, some lady thought I was a high school graduate that went to high school with her relative)!!! So at 31 I apparently looked 18 (??). I think it could be because I was without all our kiddos… just seeing me with 3 kids apparently is aging LOL.

    I’ll research about that Epitalon, we all have really bad allergies, especially to ragweed, around this time of year.

  7. For allergies, which are sort of a wrongly triggered auto-immune reaction, a teaspoon of blackseed oil a day really helps also. I take a break from the blackseed oil if I start getting nosebleeds. I get them pretty easily. The blackseed oil is good for a lot of other things too, like preventing and fighting cancer. I take a vitamin K supplement with both K1 & K2 when I get nosebleeds. And gallic acid solution is also great to stop internal and external bleeding. Plus I put some DMSO on a tissue and stuff it up my nose, if I have difficulty getting a nosebleed to stop quickly. DMSO will also fix most strokes faster than anything they’ll do for you at a hospital. DMSO mixed 50/50 with distilled vinegar will soak through your skin and neutralize the slightly alkaline necrotizing enzyme in brown recluse venom immediately. The hospital’s standard of care does absolutely nothing to stop the enzyme in the venom from continuing to break down your tissue for up to a couple of weeks.

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