Things I Want My Daughter to Know: Dress Like This – And You’ll Scare the Good Men Away!!!

Lord have mercy!  This is just insane.  I feel sorry for this woman, celebrity Nicky Hilton, but oh. my. gosh.  I don’t care WHAT is in fashion when you are a teen Little One, but you


And this was just days before this woman’s wedding day, where she chose a much more flattering dress (thank goodness).

But the damage was already done to her reputation.  It was reported (and maybe caught on camera?) that she accidentally FLASHED people in the first dress… again, just days before her wedding :O 😦 .  You may think that because she found maybe a good man that you can pull this off, too, but no… don’t even try that.  She’s rich, Sweetie, and you’re not a millionaire heiress lol!

No husband wants a woman who was flashing the public due to her stupidity in wearing an immodest dress, so it calls into question the kind of man she’s secured.

Think about it.  Coming from the man’s perspective, he’s marrying a woman who just flashed the public (and possibly the world) days before their wedding.  How would his family react to seeing that published?

“A beautiful woman who lacks discretion,

is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout.”


You’re going to have to get used to us saying “No,” when it comes to crazy fashion ideas or teen shenanigans in order to protect you.  A lot of it is going to be protecting you from yourself, in a way, because sometimes women seem to lack any shred of common sense!

Being Christian, this should bother the body of Christ and be something that’s talked about.

Dressing immodest just screams you want sexual attention

Over the years, it really has proven itself over and over again to me, that even the most modest seeming woman (no matter her age I think), seems to desire attention.  This happens even if she’s not aware of it consciously, but probably most are aware of it, and just suppress it or lie to themselves that it’s not that bad.  Even, unfortunately, sexual attention that is truly inappropriate.  This shows itself in different ways depending on the woman, but again, I’ve found this to be true across the board, no matter who you’re dealing with.

Dressing immodestly exacerbates this issue, and takes it to a whole new level of shameless advertising of one’s feminine body.  It really is making it obvious to men (and other women, who will not like it) that you are seeking sexual attention overtly.

You’ll scare the good men away

But perhaps the main reason this topic is so important for you to understand, is because if you do decide to dress like this once you’re grown up, you WILL NOT be attracting the kind of men who are of good character.  The kind of men who will make good, trustworthy husbands who actually have integrity.

To put it plainly, you’ll scare the good men away, and rightfully so, because good Christian men DO NOT want a woman (or wife) who dresses like a prostitute! 

I feel like this should be a given, and I know you’ll grow up hearing this rationally and practically so much that you’ll probably feel like this is a given, too, but apparently in our world, even Christian women like yourself should be allowed to wear skintight apparel, or spaghetti strap tops around men in public, or mini skirts, or a myriad of other immodest selections.  You will see as you grow up, that even in the church it is becoming “taboo” to enforce any kind of dress code, which DOES NOT benefit the fellow Christians (not the young men or older men, and certainly not the women who dress this way at Church).

So it’s either that you’ll scare the good men away, or they’ll just use you in a weak moment.  One thing for certain is that dressing like this will attract men of bad character.  Or it will encourage men of good character, to view YOU as having bad character.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s just not good for you, Sweet One.


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  1. Hey Ame, sent you an email… this dress ain’t polka-dot (I’m sure you’re not seeing it for what it is 🙂 you’d definitely not approve of your daughters wearing this because I know you).

    Here is another image of the first dress that this woman is wearing:

  2. The part I don’t get as well is how this was only days before her wedding…. I guess the level of shamelessness is shocking. You’d think she’d care what her husband’s family would think, but I guess not.

  3. What is that ugly thing she is wearing?
    It’s amazing what the standard of beauty has turned into. I know, I know, its “in the eye of the beholder”, but lets just face it, this thing is ugly. Even without the butt-revealing back I wouldn’t leave the house if my wife were wearing this. This woman has no shame, no class and no taste.

  4. As a man, modest dress in a woman tells me a lot about her purity. She takes her walk with the Lord seriously and cares about the struggles of her fellow brothers in Christ..or at least, she has been taught to by their mothers or older women in the church.

    I have a lady friend who is very attractive and dresses modestly, for the most part. However, she gave me a response that baffled me. She found it nauseating that men blame women for how they dress, and while I agreed with her statement at face value that man can’t place all the problems of sexuality on women, it carried the unspoken implication that she had no responsibility in the way she dressed, which suggested a bad attitude towards modesty. She also said modesty was cultural.

    I’m curious about your thoughts on this, because she dresses modestly, but seems to have a poor attitude about it. That suggests a bad heart(attitude>actions>words) to me.

    That said, I’m glad to see women like you, Lori Alexander, and other women speaking out about this.

  5. The wedding dress photo from instagram is not Nicky Hilton. She was married in London. Her wedding dress was better than the other you showed but it isn’t the picture from Salt Lake City.

  6. @Dying2live116
    “She found it nauseating that men blame women for how they dress”

    ^It *does* carry the unspoken implication that women hold no responsibility for what they CHOOSE to wear, you’re right.

    A lot of women haven’t given much thought to this argument I think (the men’s side at least), and that’s probably because they don’t like it. Ones that are aware of the temptation issues still usually want to push the limit of sexual attractiveness right up to the brink of where they are still attractive, but not “slutty.” It’s actually kind of hard, because if women want attention and to get a husband, they kind of have to be good at garnering at least *some* kind of attention through their form and beauty etc. But there’s a line most know they shouldn’t cross. She probably knows this, maybe even subconsciously, but it’s very hard to admit that to someone when you’re a single woman. It doesn’t help that the worldly standard is “dress however you like, men shouldn’t feel tempted at all!” Men have no control over this issue, and women really abuse their freedom of it constantly. But most probably don’t or can’t see that.

    Plus even if she’s a Christian woman, there’s a lot of push to make them feel like they need to look “sexy,” to attract a man. Even little girls (one that my oldest son knew) say they want to look sexy… at EIGHT YEARS OLD! I mean, our culture is ridiculous.

  7. Now that you say that it doesn’t surprise me at all. It seems that all those famous, big name designers have been making weird stuff like this for decades. I recently saw an “evening dress” that looked like a couple of green cardboard boxes, for $4000!

  8. How woefully out of touch this post is . Though there are some costumes marketed to young children that are obviously not age-appropriate.

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