Frankenstein Goes to the Dermatologist… Or So it Felt!

Every year it seems I write some kind of skincare update, based on my latest visit with my lifelong dermatologist doctor, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint.  I’ve been going to this awesome woman since I was between 11 and 12 years old, and it still just feels so nice that she knows alllllll the history of my skin (and life!).  I can relax and trust she knows how to treat my latest skin issues.  It is a VERY nice thing feeling like you’re in such capable hands.

This year, I wondered what my skin would look like age-wise in her magnified, super powerful, UV-ray damage viewing glasses, as it’s varied throughout the years pretty dramatically depending on how well I was taking care of it or outright neglecting it.  And I’m so happy to report that my skin is still looking youthful and dewy and even… ahem… a little bit “glowing,” probably from all the exercise we’ve been doing.  I’ve never had oily skin, but she remarked on how it was almost on the verge of being “oily” (wow!!).

So… those products I blogged about here last year, they REALLY held up.  I just ran out of the Glytone, and the pure Retinol still has 50% of the tube!!!!  Shows you how little you need to use, and how far your dollar stretches!!!  And my skin is youthful, glowing and happy ❤

Now… for the hilarious part 😀  I’ve had a bright red tiny tiny spot (almost like a pen mark) on my nose since being pregnant with our daughter… so it’s been there for almost two years.  I thought it would go away, and sometimes I’d totally forget about it, last year it wasn’t “dealt” with at my appointment even at all.  But this year, it’s been bothering me more to feel like I had to wear concealer over it (when I’d prefer to go makeup-less), and so I thought I’d bring it up and ask her what on earth it was?  And if it ever really would go away on it’s own?

Apparently, it was a super tiny broken blood vessel, very much like a spider vein of some kind; she suggested I got it from pregnancy, as it’s a normal thing for women.  She said she could treat it right there and got out her powerful magnifying glasses and laid me back and went to work!  Lord have mercy, she took out the longest needle I’ve seen since my epidurals!!!!!  And proceeded to stab my nose and get rid of the tiny dot.  She let me know I had a ton more that she could see better with her uber UV ray-damage glasses… and proceeded to stab my face maybe 10 more times LOL!!!!!!!!!!

I swear… I’m lucky to be alive and typing this 😀 😛  By the time I was done, she handed me a mirror and miraculously, you couldn’t even TELL she had done ANYTHING, except for my nose being red from all the tears that involuntarily came out as she was stabbing my face!  I’m not kidding, it hurt sooooooo bad that my eyes couldn’t hold in the waterworks!

She then tried to convince me not to have anymore children LOL.  “Pregnancy is too hard on a woman’s face, are you sure you want to have more?”  You’d have to know her to understand this 🙂 and since I have since I was a pre-teen, I understand where she’s coming from.  Pregnancy IS hard on a woman’s body (and apparently her FACE lol), it’s hard on your pocket book, and on your personal level of career achievement (hence why I’m a stay at home mom still).  She’s gorgeous, and she’s 53, my husband calls her Dr. Barbie (because she still looks very very good); she only had two children (and is one of the best doctors in our city… very very successful woman even with having kids).  I can totally see how someone wouldn’t be able to understand why a woman would keep on having children when they, quite literally, take away your outer beauty and youth.  It get it, but children are so much more valuable than preserving my face and body.

Well, the red dot is gone, and I feel like a walking Frankenstein 😀 but I answered her question with a resounding and hopeful yes, we’re still going to try to have another baby if we can.

Beauty be damned!



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