Things I Want My Daughter to Know: Life Should Be Lived!


Your oldest brother took these pictures, Little One ❤ he has loved trying to operate a camera since probably age 4.  With setting certain limits on timing and place etc., I think it’s important to allow kids the freedom to explore things that should be, just a little “too hard,” for them.  Like letting a little one stir a sauce that isn’t too hot, or make scrambled eggs and pancakes, or take pictures while a camera is securely fastened to them.

In short, I believe it’s important to have an attitude that, ‘life should be lived!’  To have a Joie de Vivre!  This is what your magical Nanny (my mother) taught me through the way she lived life with us, and it’s what I want to teach and show you.  And you should make the effort (it’s really in your best interest anyway), to repeat it with your own children 🙂 It just makes for a happier, more en-JOY-able life!


That and it’s this kind of attitude that allows for your brother to take his own pictures when we’re out on family adventures… even if he does make us stop so often 😀


Our city has what feels like endless places to visit to go see lights, this being somewhere we’ve never tried before!  We do love adventures, but I’m afraid if we gave in to our feelings, we’d probably miss out on these things just due to tiredness of having little ones (and you’re at this moment, still not sleeping through the night yet).  But we’ve both found we’re MUCH happier when we go out and do small activities like seeing Christmas lights, anyway.  The pleasure of seeing the joy reflected in yours and your brothers’ eyes is so much better than staying home, and we’ve noted how much happier we feel once we’re back!

Here is a secret recipe for developing your own Joie de Vivre:

Develop an attitude of seeking out happy things to do.

Don’t do expensive things unless it’s a rarity – most things really are free or very cheap, and you’ll get more pleasure out of being frugal anyway.

Go with the flow – have a sense of flexibility when needing to change directions when something doesn’t work or flat out fails… make it into a new adventure, or at least don’t have a bad attitude.

Expect things to be a little hard.  Traveling anywhere or even just going for a quick trip to see lights nearby, is just a harder thing to do with little ones.  Do it anyway, within reason, and you’ll more than likely be glad you did.  You’ll be able to better absorb the fact that it’s hard if you buffer it with that expectation going in.  And then you’ll find it’s usually NOT as hard as you thought it would be 😀

Do this as a single and as a married woman, and you’ll have a very joyful life.

And don’t be afraid to let your kids get messy!  Having fun baking, or making crafts, and getting messy, is part of the joy of life!

You helped make these!



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