On Thoughts & Whims…

I love Thanksgiving, I know this is well after, but I’d wanted to post something beforehand like I’ve done in years past, but with traveling and visiting with family I just couldn’t find the time to write something that made sense lol.

Celebrating and reminding ourselves to be grateful is just so good for the soul, inspiring even, to try to live each day of the year with an abundance of gratitude for the gifts in one’s life.  What a wonderful holiday, coupled with it’s beautiful and rich history.

But I also had tons of other thoughts in my head this week I thought could be interesting to write out here… in no particular order 🙂 …

First Thought –

How on earth would us women make it without men?!?  LOL  We were in a different place for the holidays, and although I’ve been there before many times, I still relied on my man to take me to the store for a quick trip to get an item I’d forgotten.  I knew I could probably find the grocery store… at some point (LOL), and teased him about this, that I could go and be back at some point in that day due to getting mixed up and turned around 😀 , but I sweetly asked him if he’d make it simpler and take me himself 😉 ❤  It turned out to be a nice short “get away” while our kids were entertained by their grandparents, and we flirted on the drive and in the store.

But seriously, it was this scenario that made me so grateful for my husband’s amazing ability to nearly always figure out where he is, even if he’s not especially familiar with a place or how it’s changed over the years.  A normally more male-trait to be sure.  And his tendency to find my lack of navigation skills still endearing after 11 1/2 years of marriage 😀 .

Second Thought –

It boggles my mind that Christians who take their faith seriously, would  boast in the sins they “got away,” with in their younger years.  I guess I don’t usually see this, usually Christians, the serious ones, are more humble, but I recently came across just sheer boasting of getting away with “grave sins,” when younger, enthusiastically adding, “AND it worked out!”  It’s probably right to feel repulsed by such an attitude, but perhaps the more appropriate response would be sorrow that they cannot see how awful that looks to boast about getting away with your sins.  Also… is it true that consequences are escaped in situations like that where “grave sins” were committed, or do people like this pay in other (unseen even to themselves) sorts of ways?  I think it’s the latter, and boasters of course, probably lie about their real life consequences – hence the boastfulness to cover for the insecurity that they are paying in other ways, they just aren’t honest and upfront about them.  Again, I’m not sure if I should feel more sad or repulsed.  Hmm….

Final Thought –

Back to thankfulness 🙂 I do believe gratitude and joy go hand in hand.  Even in whatever trial a person may be going through, having gratitude in that trial can still miraculously bring so much happiness and joy.  It is noteworthy to say that having gratitude means one is peacefully trusting in God’s goodness, no matter what we’re going through.

I saw Nancy Campbell recently wrote on trusting in the Lord, and receiving a double portion of happiness as a result, and I’ve heard and studied that before 🙂 .  It’s interesting that bitterness seems to me to be the opposite of understanding gratitude and the blessing that comes from being thankful.  Bitterness also shows we don’t understand fully how it is to trust and rely on God.

In that vein of thought, Suzanne Titkemeyer wrote a hilarious response piece to not only my recent post on virginity, but also to Nancy’s post on trusting in the Lord here.  Color me amazed that someone who regularly criticizes Lori Alexander and Nancy Campbell and the Pearls, has looked down and thought me worthy enough to pick apart also 😀  I’m actually honored to be up there and criticized with women like this.  But… one thing that stood out the most from the Patheos response article to Nancy’s post, was that it was dripping in bitterness over the Scripture that says the man who fills his quiver (having many children), is doubly blessed (receives a double portion of happiness).

Why the bitterness over the happiness many children bring?

I think I know the answer 😉


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