Spiritual Darkness & Sacrificing Children?

Last year, I read a fellow female blogger write that we shouldn’t dare judge pedophiles.  I had just had our baby at the time and trying to avoid reading too much online, but even just glancing at her article made me disturbed a Christian was promoting this.  I put it out of my mind and didn’t come back to it until well after our baby girl was born.  This author not only called for Christians to not judge pedophiles, she even went so far as to express herself finding humor in other Christians being outraged by it when they try to promote a Christian character of grace (calling their attitude of showing grace ironic in their outrage against pedophiles).  She asked her readers if they really thought they were a “better person” than a child molester.  It’s a question made to make Christians feel guilty for having moral standards when it comes to the treatment of our children.

In light of the recent news of yet again, the Catholic Church using it’s parishes as harbors of safety for pedophiles, I’m wondering if this same attitude of “Oh we shouldn’t judge them – they’re just normal sinners like we are.  Who are we to say that pedophiles are bad?” is somehow complicit in this?  When even Christ followers are encouraging their fellow Christians to view harming children as the same as a lesser sin, are we creating a Christian culture that promotes pedophilia because we’re too afraid of being called “judgmental” or “self-righteous” for judging them and removing them from the church?

I remember back when this was the motto *many* Christians were encouraging each other in order to accept homosexuals and in effort to make that particular sin not seem “so bad.”  Instead of promoting a healthy culture of giving each other grace, however, this attitude that homosexuals weren’t to be judged because we’re sinners, too, quickly devolved into accepting their behavior in the church as “just another type of sin we all commit.”  And then accepting ministry members who were openly gay, and then worship leaders, and eventually homosexual Pastors and Priests who were openly gay.  I remember seeing it all happen and thinking it very surreal that any Christian would fall for this kind of satanic deception that we were never supposed to judge homosexual behavior and separate ourselves from it.

Now it’s been happening again with pedophilia, the ironic part is that, like in this woman’s post, the exact same wording is being used as it was back in the 80’s and 90’s, in order to make Christians feel like they’re “self-righteous” if they judge these sins for what they are.  This is the systematic way Satan was able to infiltrate the church with accepting homosexuality, by telling Christians it was “just another sin,” that they “were no better” and “shouldn’t judge it, or them, because of their own sins.”  It is Satan using Christian forgiveness, humility and grace and twisting it to render the church unable to defend itself against diabolical evils seeking to infiltrate it.  In other words, it’s meant to “noramlize” or “desensitize” Christians into accepting homosexuality, and now, like we’ve seen, pedophilia as well.

The woman telling us not to judge pedophiles has since deleted all her blog posts including the one mentioned here, but the internet is forever, and her post is still available online.  The trusty Way Back Machine will forever and always archive this woman’s blog post found here, if you scroll down to April 6, 2017.

Children are God’s treasures, and the Bible tells us that anyone who corrupts an innocent will have a fate worse than having a millstone hung around their neck and drowned (Matthew 18:6, Luke 17:2, Mark 9:42).  Clearly, Christians should not be encouraging each other to view pedophilia as “just another sin to be accepted into the folds of Christianity.

Anyway, where does this come from, this idea that pedophiles should not be judged, but viewed with constant grace and (basically) allowed to continue their raping of children?  Where does it come from in the church where of anyone, our leaders should be protecting it’s own children?

Are we sacrificing our children on the alter of political correctness, in order not to offend homosexuals and pedophiles?


*Edited from “all” to “many,” obviously not “all” Christians were promoting the acceptance of gays into the Church, but back in the 80’s and 90’s when I was a child going to a strict Christian school who was openly against that sin, it felt as though the entire church on the outside was generally accepting it as “just another sin.”


  1. Paul was pretty clear that people like this should be put out from the church and that we should not even associate with them:


    The Corinthians were doing the same thing we see here: “We are all sinners! Who’s to say who’s worse, but look at us, how gracious we are in that we don’t even care about this mans sin (that he is sleeping with his fathers wife)! Aren’t we great”?

    Paul’s response: What on earth are you talking about! That’s disgusting! Not even the gentiles do such things! Why are you parading it around instead of mourning this mans sin and kicking him out?

    Paul says: I’m not there in body, but I am in spirit AND I HAVE ALREADY JUDGED THIS MAN AS THOUGH I WERE PRESENT! Wait! What? Paul JUDGED ANOTHER CHRISTIAN? If he were alive in the modern church this would have gotten him excommunicated or a stern talking to because we simply do not judge other Christians. At least, that’s what we are taught.

    I’ll follow Paul’s lead on this one and say, yeah, judge and remove. A little leaven leaven’s the whole lump indeed.

  2. PC = normalizing deviant behavior in many instances. And is supported every time the catholic church covers up sexual assaults done by it’s priests.

    The truth is what it is. PC has no place in “evaluating” what the truth is.

  3. This is sad. Pedophilia is against the law of our country, and none of us (Christian or not) is above that law. Christian’s cannot neglect the scripture that tells us to obey the law of our land as well as the authorities put in place over us. If proven guilty, I wouldn’t expect the courts to give grace, but consequences, to everyone.

    I think sometimes Christians become really confused about judgment versus grace. When a person is not saved, they will not be concerned about following moral guidelines set forth in scripture. Picking on behavior isn’t particularly helpful–no amount of behavioral modification will save… We’re supposed to acknowledge their sin, but attend to the heart. When the heart belongs to God, change should follow. I believe this is grace. However, you still have to differentiate between what is legal and what is not. No one should be allowed to engage in the above behavior.

    Christians are already under grace. Their sins are forgiven and Peter tells us not to take the blood of Jesus for granted by continuing to sin. Paul tells Christians to hold one another accountable and discipline when behavior is not brought back into line… not tolerate… but you already know all of this! 😉

  4. Thank you for bringing up the Corinthians, Snapper. They really were bragging about how accepting they were of the sexual immorality of their day. That is so very much like today it’s not even funny. But lol about Paul being excommunicated in today’s modern church – very true sadly.

    It’s weird to me how this is couched in being “non judgmental,” and yet it is judging all the Christians who judge pedophiles. It’s the backward, liberal way of thinking where you can’t judge pedophiles, but you *can* judge Christians who want moral standards for their communities. You can’t judge illegal immigrants as being lawbreakers, but you *can* judge the citizens who are harmed by them and who want stricter laws/borders to protect their communities.

  5. “PC = normalizing deviant behavior in many instances. And is supported every time the catholic church covers up sexual assaults done by it’s priests.”

    ^That’s a new one to me FML, that “PC” is just normalizing deviant behavior, but it makes sense.

    And the Catholic Church has a lot of explaining to do regarding it’s Catholic Charities programs where they’re piping in tons of immigrants from 3rd world countries, for money from the government, and resettling them around the US (and states are so angry about not having a say in this, they’re filing lawsuits).

    The “PC” seems to be driven by money in a lot of cases. And seeing how infiltrated with pedophilia the democrats are, it’s no wonder Catholic Charities are quietly doing their work around the US.

  6. “Paul tells Christians to hold one another accountable and discipline when behavior is not brought back into line… not tolerate… ”

    Right… it’s very dangerous looking in my opinion that acceptance of these kinds of sins as “not that bad,” is becoming more and more prevalent. Do you remember when it was popular for Christians to claim this about homosexuality? Just a few years ago at a church we were attending, a Pastor actually dared to make a statement against homosexuality and I remember it being a “big deal.” He wasn’t mean, he even emphasized loving people who were gay, but people walked out of the service and the label “homophobic” was thrown around. I think it’s going to get that way with pedophilia eventually. With how the secular side is trying to push it off as another kind of “sexual attraction,” the church is going to be more and more pressured to accept it as “not that bad.” But it starts here, with Christians shaming each other for “judging pedophiles.”

  7. We know that in the end, the “love of man will grow cold”. That false teachers will come. That eventually, men will not accept correction, but be angered by it. And that eventually, God will remove His lamp stands from the cities where they are posted (which many believe means the faithful church which is filled with the Holy Spirit). No doubt persecution will come, more severe than basic shaming. We are called to hold fast to the truth and be faithful. Keep speaking out in love.

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