Jordan Peterson Urges Christians to Wake Up! Take More Political Action for Religious Freedom

First watch this short clip to get to the gist of it –

There are longer videos including more of the discussion here, and a complete interview (40 minutes long) here.

trinity western uni.jpg

Trinity Western University under attack for it’s Christian Creed

Apparently, this interview with Peterson was on the heels of the Canadian Supreme Court ruling last week that a Christian law school can be denied accreditation due to it’s Christian stance on homosexuality and biblical marriage.

The ruling was reportedly 7-2 by their Supreme Court, not even a “close call” for retaining religious freedom.  If this is happening in Canada, I wonder how close we in the US are?

From here –

Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist, author, and free-speech advocate, has warned Canadian Christians that they must make a “great leap forward” because religious freedom in the country is set to get “a lot worse.”

Speaking online with Canadian author and activist Faytene Grassechi in a video posted on YouTube Wednesday, Peterson told Christians they must stand up for themselves, “because your religious rights are very low on the rights totem pole at the moment.”

He added that it’s “going to get worse, a lot worse, before it gets better. So if you think your religious freedom is worth having, you better be ready to defend it, and you better be ready to do that in an articulated way, because you’re not a priority.”

Peterson made his comments in light of the Canadian Supreme Court ruling last week that decided an evangelical Christian law school can be denied accreditation, due to its opposition to homosexuality and biblical position on marriage.  [Emphasis mine]

From a different article here

As part of its Christian identity, TWU has a “community covenant” for its students and faculty that, among other obligations, states that community members will “voluntarily abstain” from “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.”

“The university’s mission, core values, curriculum and community life are formed by a firm commitment to the person and work of Jesus Christ as declared in the Bible,” read the covenant.

“The community covenant is a solemn pledge in which members place themselves under obligations on the part of the institution to its members, the members to the institution, and the members to one another.”

Other actions that the covenant calls for is for its community to abstain from include “gossip, slander, vulgar/obscene language,” … “stealing, misusing or destroying property belonging to others,” … “drunkenness, underage consumption of alcohol, and the use or possession of illegal drugs.”

It’s been really interesting to me to see various people denounce Peterson as being a non Christian, supposedly even a shill for the leftist agenda working against us.

Clearly, Dr. Peterson is more awake than many evangelicals who attend church each Sunday.  And here he is, giving Canadian Christians (and us indirectly) a dire warning that we need to wake up, get off our butts, and do something to defend our Christian faith.

I’m wondering what any readers think about this?  What do you think about him saying Canadian Christians need make a “great leap forward?”

What do you imagine he’s implying here?


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Linked Article – Canada Supreme Court Says Chrisitan Law School Can Be Denied Accreditation Opposing Homosexuality


4 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson Urges Christians to Wake Up! Take More Political Action for Religious Freedom

  1. I haven’t listened to a lot of Peterson, but I’ve seen the argument from the manosphere that he isn’t so much for men’s rights as he is simply for rights, period. Several people have pointed out that for all his propping up of men his overarching message is still “man up and do more” rather than “fix the system that is rigged against men”. I think his push for Christians to take a “great leap forward” is more from the standpoint of “you have rights, they are truly being oppressed, and you need to get involved before they are taken from you”, rather than from the standpoint of being a Christian. Its still a noble cause, dont get me wrong. Any time you see someone truly being oppressed, especially in an environment where bringing it to attention, and you speak up about it you are putting yourself at great risk. From what I understand Peterson is not a Christian, but he may be one of those types like Molyneux who see the overall goodness of Christianity even if they don’t ascribe to the same beliefs.

    Personally I hope he doesn’t end up a political prisoner in his own country, though with the way Canada is headed I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the first.

    As for Christians and politics, I have said several times on my own blog that one of the biggest problems with the church today, maybe not so in Canada, but certainly here in the US, is that they have sold out to the government for tax exemption. Instead of spending a little time talking to their congregations about politics they have voluntarily silenced themselves for money. Shameful.

  2. “his overarching message is still “man up and do more” rather than “fix the system that is rigged against men””

    Oh wow! I’ve always saw his messages toward men to be a really positive thing. To me he IS telling them to stand up for themselves and fix the system – and for women to start taking on that role, too. I’ll have to find some of the videos but I swear I’ve seen a few where he explicitly states how wrong the system is against men and masculinity, and then explains how this is harming women as well.

    Molyneux is fascinating to me… that he can be an Atheist and yet see such value in Christianity (although he does admit he used to think Christianity was horrible).

    On the tax exemption thing… Wintery Knight wrote on this topic of the Canadian Supreme Court and lightly touches on Christians still being expected to pay taxes (as citizens at least), but not even being able to get involved in law and become part of the solution at the Supreme Court level.

    From here (

    “This basically means that Trinity Evangelical Law School graduates would be unable to be lawyers or judges at the Supreme Court.

    The Supreme Court is fine with LGBT people practicing law in Ontario and British Columbia, including at the Supreme Court, just not Christians who believe in the Bible. But those Bible-believing Christians should definitely have to pay taxes, including the taxes that go to pay for the salaries of their overlords on the Supreme Court. Basically, if you’re an evangelical Christian in Canada, then you’re good enough to be a slave, but not much else. You can work to pay for your secular slave masters, but you can’t have the same rights as people who don’t believe the Bible.”

  3. I’m not saying his messages haven’t been positive, but rather that the consensus by some people is that Peterson is being taken for a red-pill alpha male when his overall message and behavior is still very beta. This post by Adam Piggott over on his blog was the first I saw that pointed out Petersons beta behavior and message, and it must have been pretty spot on since Peterson responded to him directly over it:

    Again, I’m not saying Peterson’s message is bad, or that I even have a well formed opinion on him (I just don’t pay much attention to the guy, but I’m familiar enough with the waves he is causing in his field), but I can say that, regardless, he is correct in what he is telling Christians. If we don’t get out there and affect the political system we will be overrun and turned out.

  4. @Snapper, on whether or not he’s alpha or beta, I guess to me it didn’t matter. Alpha and beta can be so subjective and seems to come in degrees… not sure if you read Ton’s blog, but he made a post awhile ago about how some men seem to be “alpha enough,” and it’s “good enough” for the women in their lives.

    Here’s Ton’s post on how he thinks some men are “alpha enough” in order to run their lives well…

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