Reflections on this Father’s Day

3 Years Ago… Happy Father’s Day

All Things Bright and Beautiful


It’s hard to find words to express all the feelings I feel this coming father’s day weekend.  I’m so grateful.  Grateful to have a husband who is a wonderful father, who is so good with our boys, demonstrating his love for them so beautifully.  He shows them what a man should look and be like, he gives them an example of what a strong husband who deeply loves (and always teases) his wife looks like.  And our oldest son loves watching his example!  I couldn’t be more elated with this man I chose, Father’s Day for me means honoring him and all he does for us, honoring the man and father I’ve watched him become throughout the years we’ve been married.


I feel grateful that I had an amazing dad growing up who is still here to offer me help and guidance as he watches me being a mom to my…

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3 thoughts on “Reflections on this Father’s Day

  1. didn’t hear a word from anyone on fathers day. but that’s not surprising. also crickets on both christmas and my birthday.

    my neighbor did stop by to check and see how i was doing. that was very nice of her to do.

    at least someone noticed. just no one from my family…

  2. thank you for the kind words.

    30+ years as a LEO, doing everything i could to provide them a nice life.

    it just proved once again, that i was never more than a paycheck to any of them.

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