Makeup for 50+

Wow this is so cool!  What you can find on the internet… 😀

This woman, in my opinion, is so beautiful and has aged really well.  Apparently she’s used to being on TV (we don’t watch TV so I’ve never seen or even heard of her show before) but she’s either had some minor “work” down like fillers and smoothing injections OR she truly just has really taken care of her skin.  I don’t know… but her skincare routine is on-point, so it’s possible her face is naturally this beautiful due to how she’s been taking care of it.

Either way… I think she looks incredible!

Just thought her makeup tricks were something to be bookmarked here at my blog for future reference.


  1. like i said at Bloom’s – when she mentioned she goes to clubs and likes kissing (implying multiple men, not one man), it explained why i didn’t care for her – her overall attitude isn’t beautiful or pretty to me.

    on the makeup – she did a good job, as she should be able to do given she’s a model.

    i use less makeup than she … and i stopped wearing eye makeup in the fall b/c of all these stupid allergies 😉 … but no one seems to miss it, anyway 🙂

  2. Wow somehow I must have skipped that part or just tuned out or got distracted!!! Yea I just looked her up on google to see relationships and apparently she was only married 10 years and is single now. 😦

    To me, she looks incredible without makeup, especially if her hair was different. The makeup looks good, but I like the more no-makeup-makeup look with less on.

    And i bet you look great without eye makeup! I like how I look more natural without it. I never wear eyeliner anymore, but having long lashes that you can actually see is a plus for me LOL 😀

  3. years ago i wore mascara, but no one noticed when i did or when i didn’t, so i stopped! lol! so much easier 🙂

    now that i wear glasses, you can’t tell anyway.

    i’ll try to remember to take a pic sometime and send it to you. my husband hasn’t said anything, but then, he wears glasses, too! lol! maybe he can’t see those details anymore! 🙂

    my personal blessing is that i do not have very much gray hair at all, and i’ve never had to color my hair. from a few feet away you can’t see my gray hairs. i’m truly blessed. my mom and both sisters turned gray before the age of 20, so i’m VERY happy with my hair color! of course, they all three have the skin tone that tans, and i have the skin tone that burns and blisters. ah well, you can’t have everything 🙂

  4. “my husband hasn’t said anything, but then, he wears glasses, too! lol! maybe he can’t see those details anymore! 🙂”

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wife goggles must be such a powerful thing!!! 😀 My husband sometimes doesn’t notice those things either – or even if I’m wearing my glasses LOL which is really fun to tease about. ❤

  5. ahhh … i don’t tease him or even mention it. if he thinks i look good without needing fake eyelashes (which i’m not a fan of on anyone) or mascara, i’ll just let him be happy! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    i do ask him from time-to-time how he thinks i’m beautiful, he just says i am to him, so i choose to accept that. his wife-goggles must be firmly in place 🙂

  6. Well if someone’s looking at you and doesn’t even realize you’re wearing glasses on your face!!!!!! LOL…. I guess “wife goggles” is the best (nicest) explanation 😀

    I can’t help it. I tease him all the time because HE teases ME all the time. He’s awful… in the best way 😉 ❤

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